Are you about to (temporarily) move to Diani in Kenya, or are you already living there? Then you can find all the information you need in this guide.

We were looking for a beautiful coastal town in Africa to work remotely, and that’s when fellow nomads first told us about this place called “Diani” on Kenya’s coast. We had many questions, especially regarding the stability of the internet, since we needed to work from there. But we couldn’t find almost any information suitable for nomads online.

Once we arrived here, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of this town and the warmth of the people in Kenya. It quickly became one of our favorite places we’ve ever visited! There isn’t yet a big community of digital nomads, but it’s continuously expanding as an increasing number of co-working and co-living spaces are being established in the area.

As in our other Guides, we list the prices in USD instead of the local currency (Kenyan Shilling), so you can better understand the costs.

What are the Pros and Cons of living in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach features one of the most stunning shorelines with incredibly soft sands and turquoise waters.

The town offers reliable and fast 4G+ mobile internet (>100 mbps) coverage, making it a suitable destination for digital nomads.

The weather is warm and tropical throughout the year. The average temperatures range from 24°C to 30°C (75°F to 86°F).

The hospitality of the Kenyan people is truly remarkable, making visitors feel welcomed and at ease. Their warm smiles and genuine friendliness create an inviting atmosphere.

Diani Beach is currently a safe destination for travelers, including solo female travelers, in terms of crime.

You’ll find a diverse selection of great restaurants and two large supermarket chains offering local and international products on the Diani Beach Road, ideally for a long-term stay.

Even though Diani Beach is pricier than other places in Kenya, you can still live on a budget by avoiding tourist traps.

If you want to do a Safari, you can also reach from Diani to the famous national parks Tsavo (East and West) and Amboseli. There are also many other things to do and see around Diani.

You’ll find abundant nature and wildlife, including three monkey species in and around Diani Beach.

Power outages are generally common in Diani and Kenya, typically lasting from a few minutes to an hour, but occasionally longer. A hotspot and power bank are recommended as backup solutions. There are also (more expensive) accommodations with a power generator available.

While some accommodations offer fiber WiFi, finding them can be challenging. Many places have slow WiFi connections.

There is no community of Digital Nomads working from Diani since it’s not well known yet. This is also an advantage as it’s not overrun like other popular coastal towns. Still, if you are coming alone, it might be challenging to find fellow nomads. This is about to change with the co-working and co-living places opening soon.

There are no dedicated co-working spaces with privacy for video calls, as you might know from other places. But that’s just for now, as there are some co-working and co-living spaces about to open in Diani Beach. 

Velvet monkey sitting on a wall in Diani Beach

Brief Summary about Diani Beach

Although much of its past remains unknown, it shares a connection with other coastal regions where Indian and Arabic traders interacted with indigenous locals a long time ago, shaping the vibrant Swahili culture that still thrives today. The official languages are Swahili and English.

With warm weather throughout the year, Diani Beach is an attractive destination for Digital Nomads seeking a mix of culture, adventure, and relaxation.

This stunning beach is among the most beautiful we’ve experienced, featuring a lengthy coastline with incredibly soft sands and a variety of blue-turquoise tones within the sea. You can enjoy a variety of water sports (especially kite surfing) and encounter friendly monkeys all over the area. The perfect location for Digital Nomads who want to work remotely from the coast of Africa.

Underwater image showing the coral reef and a turtle at the island dive side in Dahab

Where is Diani Beach?

Diani Beach is located in Ukunda (Kwale County) on Kenya’s southern coast in East Africa, close to the border of Tanzania. Diani Beach is not situated inside Mombasa but is nearby (about 30 km).

Is Diani Beach public?

Yes, Diani Beach is a public beach that is accessible to both locals and visitors. It offers a beautiful long shoreline to relax, swim, and enjoy various beach activities. What makes it even more special is that while private resorts and hotels are situated along the beachfront, they do not own exclusive rights to the beach. This means that the entire stretch of Diani Beach is accessible to everyone, locals and visitors alike.

Is Diani Beach Safe?

Diani Beach is currently a safe place to visit and stay in Kenya. Nonetheless, following the same safety measures as you would in other locations is advisable.

When you plan to walk along the road, you should leave your valuables at home to minimize drawing unwanted attention. We advise you to travel as lightly and simply as possible.

Although you will feel safe and comfortable in Diani, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Consistently review the most recent official travel guidance concerning safety in the specific region of Kenya you plan to visit. Be cautious when you visit Tiwi Beach near Diani beach, as there were some incidents of tourists getting robbed in the past.

You should avoid walking on dark streets and the beach at night, especially alone. Always watch your belongings while swimming in the water if you are not staying at a beach club.

Don’t walk through seaweed and on rocky surfaces in the water at Diani Beach, as there are somtimes large numbers of sea urchins at some spots.

It is also safe for female solo travelers, but avoid walking alone at night. Furthermore, if you are commuting by Tuk-Tuk, it’s better to stick with a driver you already know.

Overall, Diani is a safe place to stay if you don’t take unnecessary risks. We always felt safe during our entire stay here.

How far is Diani Beach from Mombasa

Diani Beach is approximately 30 kilometers south of Mombasa. The duration of the trip depends on traffic conditions. We strongly recommend you travel outside of rush hour, as you might have to wait for a very long time to get on the ferry as there are long morning and late afternoon queues. Without much traffic and direct transfer, it takes around one hour and fifteen minutes from Mombasa Center to Diani Beach. From the Airport of Mombasa (Moi International Airport) to Diani Beach takes about one hour and thirty minutes. From the train station in Mombasa (Mombasa SGR Terminus) to Diani Beach takes around one hour and forty-five minutes. To reach Diani Beach, you must take the Likony Ferry with your vehicle (or by foot).

How far is Diani Beach from Nairobi

Diani Beach is located approximately 500 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. Various transportation options are available, including flights, buses, and private cars, allowing you to choose the most convenient and comfortable way to reach this beautiful coastal destination from Nairobi. The journey from Nairobi to Diani Beach usually takes 7-10 hours by road, depending on traffic, road conditions, and mode of transportation. The fastest way to get from Nairobi to Diani Beach by road is by taking the train from Nairobi to Mombasa and, after arriving, a taxi from the train station to Diani Beach. The flight from Nairobi to Ukunda takes about one hour.

How to get to Diani Beach?

There are multiple ways how you can reach Diani Beach. Ukunda, the town where Diani beach is situated, has a small airport. So you can fly directly to Diani or travel by land via Mombasa.

A) Non-stop to Diani Beach from Nairobi

How to get to Diani Beach from Nairobi?

How to get by Plane from Nairobi to Diani (Ukunda Airport)?

If you land by plane in Nairobi, you can take another flight from Nairobi directly to Ukunda. Currently, two flights are available daily, operated by Safarilink or Skyward Express. The cost for a one-way ticket is typically between 50-100 USD, depending on the season and day of the week (weekends tend to be more expensive).

International flights usually arrive or depart from JKIA Airport in Nairobi. At the same time, Wilson Airport in Nairobi primarily serves domestic flights, such as those bound for Ukunda. The distance between the two airports is only about 25 minutes by Uber, but it is essential to factor in potential traffic delays.

B) Getting to Diani via Mombasa

1) How to get to Nairobi to Mombasa?

1.1 How to get by plane from Nairobi to Mombasa?

If you wish to explore Mombasa or flight prices to Ukunda have surged, you could also fly from Nairobi to Mombasa and then continue your journey to Diani by road. The flight fares are comparable, usually ranging from 50-100 USD for a one-way ticket. Please read below to learn about traveling by land from Mombasa to Diani.

1.2 How to get from Nairobi to Mombasa by train?

If you have the time, we strongly recommend taking the train from Nairobi to Mombasa as it is not only a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly mode of transportation but also offers stunning landscapes and wildlife sightings if you’re lucky (we saw some zebras and wild camels, and heard from others who spotted elephants). On a clear day, you may even catch a glimpse of Kilimanjaro in the distance as you make your way to Mombasa.

Currently, a one-way train ticket costs around 10 USD for the second class and 30 USD for the first class. Second-class is a good option if you’re looking to save some money.

The main difference between the two classes is the seating arrangement. The first class has only two seats on each side of the row, facing the direction of travel, while the second class has groups of seats facing each other. We found the train to be very clean in both classes.

It’s essential to book your train ticket in advance, which can only be done by paying with MPESA (see here for more information on how to obtain it). Be sure to arrive at the train station early (at least an hour before departure time), even if you already have a ticket, as there are strict security checks that can take some time.

The train from Nairobi to Mombasa departs multiple times daily from Nairobi SGR Terminus, located only five minutes by car from the JKIA Airport, and arrives outside Mombasa (around 10 minutes by car from the airport in Mombasa).

2) How to get to Diani Beach from Mombasa?

2.1 How to get from Mombasa to Diani by Uber/Taxi?

The most straightforward way to reach Diani from Mombasa is by taxi or Uber. The typical cost for this journey is around 30-35 USD per direction when traveling from the airport or train station and roughly 25-30 USD from the center of Mombasa.

The trip usually takes around an hour, which can vary depending on traffic conditions. We highly recommend avoiding travel during rush hour. To cross from Mombasa Island to the other side on your way to Diani, you’ll take the Likony car ferry with the Uber (which you don’t need to pay extra). Getting on that car ferry during rush hour might take you multiple hours.

2.1 How to get from Mombasa to Diani by Matau or TukTuk

Suppose you’re looking to save both time and money. In that case, various transportation options are available for getting from the airport or SGR train station to the ferry station or the center of Mombasa. These include taking an Uber (costing around 8 USD), a TukTuk (around 4.5 USD), a Boda scooter (around 4 USD), or a Matatu (around 1-2 USD). Once you arrive at the ferry station, you can walk onto the ferry and cross to the other side for free. From there, you can continue your journey to Diani by taking another TukTuk (around 8 USD), a scooter (around 6 USD), or Matatu (around 2-3 USD).

One advantage of this method is that it can save you money compared to taking an Uber all the way. It also allows you to avoid traffic delays at the ferry terminal. When walking onto the ferry (which is free), you won’t have to wait in line like you would if you were driving a car, which is a significant advantage during rush hour when many vehicles are waiting to board.

However, this method is more stressful, as you’ll need to change transportation modes multiple times. Additionally, suppose you have a lot of luggage. In that case, traveling in a Matatu (or scooter) may be difficult, as they are usually (over-)crowded.

How is the climate & what is best time to visit Diani Beach?

The climate in Diani Beach is predominantly warm and tropical throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging between 24°C and 30°C (75°F to 86°F). The area experiences two main rainy seasons: the long rains typically occur between April and June, while the short rains happen from October to November. The driest and often the best time to visit are from December to March and July to September. However, the weather can vary yearly with climate change, so it’s always a good idea to check the current forecast before planning your trip, as the rain periods often change.

Average min and max temperatures in Diani Beach, Kenya

December to March
June to September


Long rains: April to June
Short Rains: Oktober to November 

Even during the rainy season, it rarely rains the whole day (rather short and intense showers), so you will almost always catch some sun. You will also find better prices during the rainy season.

The water temperature is warm throughout the year (between 25-28°C).

Average water temperatures in Diani Beach, Kenya

What are the visa Requirements for Kenya?

An aspect that makes Kenya increasingly attractive to digital nomads is that they offer a three months tourist eVisa for many nationalities.

There are two primary tourist visa options available through the Kenya eVisa website. The single-entry for Kenya and the East African Visa. Additionally, a multiple-entry visa exists, which, although primarily intended for business travelers, can also be used for tourism purposes. This is because a single-entry eVisa for Kenya permits visitors to enter, exit, and re-enter the country after visiting Tanzania, Uganda, or Rwanda, eliminating the need for a multiple-entry tourist visa.

You have to apply for an eVisa in advance as visa on arrival are no more issued.

Allowed duration of stay
Included Countries
Single Entry
51 USD
180 Days
Only Kenya
East African Visa
101 USD
180 Days
Kenya, Uganda and Rwand

Here is an outline of the general process for single-entry Visa:

  1. Online application: Visit the official Kenya eVisa website to apply for the tourist eVisa. You must create an account, complete the online application form, and provide the required personal information and travel details.
  2. Required documents: You must upload a digital copy of your passport’s biographical page and a recent passport-sized photo. Other supporting documents may be required depending on your nationality and the specific requirements set by the Kenyan government. You also need to submit a hotel reservation. It’s usually enough if the reservation is just for a few nights, also in case you plan to stay for three months. You don’t need to send your flight tickets.
  3. Payment: After completing the application and uploading the required documents, you must pay the eVisa fee using a credit or debit card. The fee may vary depending on the type of eVisa you are applying for (single-entry, multiple-entry, etc.). A single entry eVisa costs 51 USD at the moment.
  4. Processing: Once your application has been submitted and the payment is made, it will be reviewed by the Kenyan authorities. Processing time for the eVisa can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so applying well before your planned travel date is advised. Also, calculate some time for submitting the application as it takes time to click through the platform and enter and upload all the data in the correct format.
  5. Approval and eVisa: If your application is approved, you will receive the eVisa via email. You should print a copy of the eVisa in color to present to the immigration officers upon arrival in Kenya.

An alternative for the single-entry Visa is the East African Visa allowing you to travel to and between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and to discover these three beautiful countries’ diverse landscapes and cultures:

You can also do that through the official Kenya eVisa website. The process is the same as applying for a Kenyan single-entry visa which we wrote about in the section above. You must select the East African Visa instead of the single entry visa, and you’ll need to pay 101 USD instead of 51 USD. As mentioned before, also the single-entry Visa allows you to travel to Uganda and Rwanda and to re-enter again. But the East African Visa is cheaper than applying for a separate tourist visa for each country (which would cost around 150 USD) and will save you a lot of time. The East African Visa entitles you to stay 90 days in these three countries. You can travel back and forth between these countries as much as you want. But as soon as you leave the zone (Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda) to Tanzania or Ethiopia, you must apply for a new visa to enter again. So it’s not a multiple-entry visa.

Important Note 1: Most airlines will examine your documents during check-in for your flight to Kenya. They also often ask you to show a return flight and may only allow you to board if you have one. If you’re uncertain about your departure date, consider reserving a flight for approximately 20-30 USD from, providing you with a temporary return ticket.

Important Note 2: If you google Kenya eVisa, you might end up on a private visa service agency’s website instead of the official eVisa website from the Kenyan government. While you have to be careful as some of these agencies might not be trustful, you’ll also end up paying more as they usually charge an extra service fee on top of the visa fee.

How to extend your Kenyan Visa?

You can apply for a tourist visa extension of another 90 days (max) at an immigration office. Extensions are generally granted on the same day as long as you have all the necessary documentation. While it’s possible to apply for an extension at smaller immigration offices (such as Kisumu, Lamu, and Malindi), applicants are typically directed to the two main offices in Nairobi (Nyayo House along Uhuru Highway) and Mombasa.

There used to be a way to extend it online through this website, but unfortunately, the side doesn’t work at the moment.

What are the visa extension requirements in Kenya:

To apply for a Kenya visa extension, you’ll need the following:

  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Passport
  • Original visa
  • Completed visa application form
  • Processing fee

Alternatively, you can leave Kenya and obtain a new electronic visa to re-enter the country. For instance, you could cross the border into Tanzania (taking the bus from Mombasa), apply for a new eVisa from there, and then re-enter Kenya through one of the main ports of entry. There is no minimum time you have to stay out te re-aply and re-enter

What are the costs of living in Diani Beach

Diani Beach is an enchanting coastal paradise in Kenya that caters to various budgets. While it’s more expensive than other places in Kenya, it remains affordable compared to many Central/Western European destinations. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not the most budget-friendly option, and there are cheaper places for digital nomads.

Dining in Diani Beach is quite affordable, with a filling local breakfast for under 3 USD and a delicious international dinner between 8-15 USD per person. A cup of tea or coffee at a local café will cost around 2 USD. A cappuccino might be about 3 USD depending on the location.

Generally, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in Diani Beach with a budget of around 25 USD/day/person (excluding rent and tours).

However, be cautious of potential tourist traps, especially in more popular areas. Some restaurants may be overpriced, so check the menu first. Imported products are often much more expensive than local ones, so consider purchasing local products for food, personal care, and hygiene. Bringing them from your home country is a good idea if you require specific brands or items.

Supporting local businesses and consuming locally-produced products will help you save money while contributing to the local economy.

Our two top tips for saving money in Diani

1. Book accommodations, tours, and activities directly with the providers to avoid high commissions from booking platforms or agencies.

2. Compare prices, as there are usually several options available for everything, and costs can vary significantly.

Where to stay in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach offers various neighborhoods, each with a unique atmosphere and advantages. The distance between areas is manageable, so you can easily explore them all. Typically, accommodations closer to the beach are more expensive. Most of the life is happening along the beach road stretching from Diani Beach to the end of Galu Beach.

Diani Center Neighborhood (northern part of beach road)

Diani Center is the heart of Diani Beach, where most of the action occurs. This neighborhood has a wide variety of international restaurants, large shops and supermarkets, and nightlife. Accommodations here are generally pricier due to the prime location and convenience. Usually, the WIFI is also better in the accommodations located here.

Galu Beach Neighborhood (southern part of beach road)

This neighborhood provides easy access to the beautiful Galu Beach, one of the most popular among kitesurfers. Galu Beach area is relatively tranquil and offers a more laid-back vibe. It is further from the central tourist hub. Still, you’ll find a mix of local and international restaurants (but there is less selection than in Diani center). Finding a place with good WIFI is harder than in Diani center. However, there are some places where you can get 4G+ internet on your mobile device with a local sim card.

Tiwi Beach Neighbordhood

Tiwi Beach is located north of Diani Beach after the Kongo river and is a quiet neighborhood. You can enjoy the beautiful Tiwi Beach nearby. It is popular among travelers who prefer a serene environment away from bustling tourist areas. Very few local and international dining options are available, and you also don’t have large shops or supermarkets nearby. We saw quite a few reports of tourists getting robbed in the past in Tiwi beach outside the resorts. It’s also the most challenging neighborhood regarding WIFI, and you’ll not find good 4G+ coverage everywhere.

How much is the rent in Diani Beach?

For long-term stays (over a month) in Diani Beach, booking short-term accommodation in advance and finding a long-term rental after arriving by asking around is recommended so you can also test the internet while you are there. A decent one-bedroom accommodation (not seafront and without a power generator) with WIFI, a fully equipped kitchen, and A/C near the center can be found for around 400-500 USD/month. Booking long-term stays through, or Airbnb is often much more expensive.

You can post in Facebook groups (such as DIANI WHAT’S UP or Digital Nomads in Africa) to find more affordable options. However, remember that these options may not provide the same level of protection as or Airbnb. It’s always a good idea to visit the property in person before committing to a long-term rental and only make payment once you’ve seen it.

For Airbnb bookings, you can find apartments starting from 500 USD per month. Reach out to the host before booking long-term, as you can negotiate a better rate.

Image of the sea in Dahab with the sunset behind the mountains

What to take to Diani Beach?


When packing for your trip to Diani, it’s best to pack light and bring only the essentials. Remember that the surrounding area has many dusty roads, so bring clothes you can spare. Avoid carrying excessive cash, as you can withdraw money locally. Kenya uses Type G sockets (the same as those used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, and Singapore, among other countries), so bring adapters and other electronic equipment as needed (read below what you need to work remotely in Diani).
Additionally, consider bringing clothes or shoes to donate to those in need. Packaging smart and thinking about the less fortunate can positively impact your trip and the local community.

Which Clothes should I bring to Diani Beach?

The temperature in Diani Beach remains warm all year round.
If you pack a raincoat and light sweater will depend on which months you plan to come.
We recommend packing light, fresh clothes in neutral colors to easily combine and avoid attracting insects with bright or neon colors. A light pullover or jacket is recommended for windy days, and light hiking pants for exploring. It would be best to avoid white clothes that can easily stain due to the dusty roads. Loose clothing works amazing for the heat.

If you plan to visit some restaurants at night, remember to dress elegantly but casually (some have this dress code).

Woman can dress in shorts, tank tops, or anything that makes them feel comfortable while in Diani. However, it is important to dress appropriately when visiting traditional Muslim villages as a sign of respect (especially outside the touristic area).

Just remember: ultimately, comfort is essential in this beautiful country.

Which shoes should I bring to Diani Beach?

It’s important to bring comfortable shoes for long walks and a pair of sandals or flip-flops for everyday use. If you have shoes or sandals to spare, we encourage you to bring and donate them. It’s always an excellent way to help the people and the planet.

Which electronic devices should I bring to Diani Beach?

When visiting Diani Beach, bring essential electronic devices like smartphones and laptops, as these are more expensive in Kenya compared to other countries. As a digital nomad or remote worker, you should be prepared for occasional power outages in Diani Beach and invest in a strong power bank that can charge your laptop.

Take your snorkeling equipment to Diani Beach

We recommend you pack water shoes to protect your feet from sea urchins (you can find a lot in many places there). It’s also a good idea to bring your snorkeling gear, as finding equipment in Diani can be difficult. You’ll be prepared to explore the beautiful underwater world without hassles with your own gear.

How is the internet in Diani Beach?

Finding up-to-date information about the internet in Diani Beach was almost impossible. There is a lot of outdated information claiming that the internet is terrible. But generally, the internet works better in Kenya (also on the coast) than many think. Especially the mobile network is better than in many other countries we have traveled to. The connection quality primarily depends on where you stay and the location within Diani Beach. Usually, the internet works best closer to Diani Beach Road. There are a lot of places in Diani from which you can get a stable internet connection so you can have video meetings without any issues. It would be best to ask the accommodation owner to send you a screenshot of an internet speed test before booking the accommodation.

Wifi at the accomodation in Diani Beach

There is fiber internet available in Diani, even though many accommodations still need to improve WIFI, especially those not situated at Diani Beach Road. As mentioned, always ask before (ideally with a screenshot as proof). There are frequent power cuts in Diani, so unless your accommodation doesn’t have a power generator, you should always have a local sim card to get a hot spot as a backup.

Wifi at restaurants and coffee shops in Diani Beach

Suppose the internet connection at your accommodation isn’t fast or stable enough, and you’re also having issues with your mobile network. In that case, you can work from a cafe or restaurant in Diani Beach. Most don’t offer fast and stable Wifi (with a few exceptions mentioned below). Still, if you go to one that’s located at Diani beach road, you’ll have fast and stable 4G+ internet with your hotspot, which you can use to work. However, be prepared for ambient noise, as these spaces can be loud (especially during peak hours). That might be an issue when you have video meetings. Also, if there is a power cut, you can go to a restaurant or coffee to work from there, as many of them have a power generator.

Mobile Internet in Diani Beach

Many mobile providers offer stable, fast, and cheap internet connections in Diani, making them suitable for video meetings and other online tasks. We highly recommend getting a local sim card and using a hotspot for your work to avoid depending on potentially unreliable WIFI and be prepared for power cuts. The power cuts don’t affect the mobile network. Some popular mobile providers in Kenya are Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom. They all offer competitive internet packages at affordable prices. Safaricom currently has the best 4G+ connection (>100 mbps) in Diani but is also more expensive than the others. There is an official Safaricom Shop (link to shop) on top of Carrefour in Diani (you must go upstairs).

Here is a list of current mobile internet prices (prepaid) in Kenya from Safaricom:

Mobile Internet
Valid for
7 GB
Appr. 8 USD
1 month
20 GB
Appr. 16 USD
1 month
40 GB
Appr. 23 USD
1 month

Here is a list of current mobile internet prices (prepaid) in Kenya for Telkom:

Mobile Internet
Valid for
12 GB
Appr. 8 USD
1 month
30 GB
Appr. 16 USD
1 month
50 GB
Appr. 23 USD
1 month

Here is a list of current mobile internet prices (prepaid) in Kenya for Airtel:

Mobile Internet
Valid for
50 GB
Appr. 23 USD
1 month

Are there coworking Spaces in Diani Beach?

At the moment, Diani Beach doesn’t have any typically dedicated co-working spaces that you might find in larger cities or well-known digital nomad hubs (such as Nairobi). Instead, digital nomads and remote workers in Diani Beach often opt to work from coffee shops or restaurants. The good news is that a few co-working and co-living spaces are about to open in Diani. We will list a few of our favorite spots here.

Kokkos Cafe And Bistro

Kokkos Cafe and Bistro quickly became one of our favorite work spots in Diani, thanks to its central location, delicious cakes, and great coffee. Offering fast WIFI and a backup power generator to tackle power outages, the cafe also has power sockets readily available for use. The only drawback is the noise level, as the place is quite popular.

Pita Pan Cafe

Pita Pan Cafe in Diani is a great workspace choice for digital nomads, featuring a delicious Lebanese kitchen, and excellent smoothies. The cafe provides good WIFI. Power sockets are available for guests to conveniently plug in their devices. Also here it can get too loud in case you have video meetings.

Diani Backpackers

Diani Backpackers is another popular spot for digital nomads, offering a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to socialize. However, the noise levels can be quite high, as the location frequently hosts lively parties. If you’re looking for a fun and energetic environment to work and connect with fellow travelers, Diani Backpackers is a great option, but make sure to bring noise-cancelling headphones if you’re sensitive to noise.

Skippers Coliving (not open yet)

Skippers Coliving, set to launch in Diani in Q2 2023, is designed to foster socially responsible communities in Africa’s most adventure-rich locations. They are planning to offer premium, air-conditioned accommodations at affordable rates, along with high-speed WIFI, coworking spaces, and a range of thrilling activities.

The owners are a very nice and helpful couple who have known Diani Beach for a long time. They can help you with almost anything. We highly recommend visiting their website before your trip to check if Skippers Coliving has officially launched,


How to get Around in Diani Beach?

There is no public transportation in Diani. There are many choices for transportation, so it’s easy to find a way to get around that suits your preferences and budget.

Taxis/Uber in Diani Beach

Uber or Taxis are not widely available in Diani. Occasionally, a car might be available on Uber because the driver might have brought someone from Mombasa to Diani. But usually, the drivers overcharge a lot for short distances. That’s why we recommend taking one of the alternatives listed bellow. 

TukTuks in Diani Beach

Finding a TukTuk in Diani is simple as many of them drive around, and they will honk at you to get your attention on the street. Drivers will also approach you as soon as you get to the street. You should pay between 1.50 to 2.50 USD for a short ride on the beach road. Some drivers will try to charge you more initially. It’s always better to ask “Are you taking me for x Schilling to x” instead of  “How much does it cost to x”. Expect to pay a bit more if your destination or pick-up point is off-road (shouldn’t be more than 4 USD)

Boda Bodas in Diani Beach

Boda boda drivers are motorcycle taxi operators who offer a quick and affordable mode of transportation in Diani. They are widely available in Diani Beach and you should pay slightly less for a Boda Boda than for a TukTuk. Usually, a short ride on Diani Beach Road costs around 1 Dollar.

Rent a scooter in Diani Beach

We highly recommend renting a scooter in Diani since this will strongly increase your mobility without depending on TukTuks. Rental prices typically range from $7 to $10 per day, depending on the duration of the rental and the scooter model. 

Important Note: When renting a scooter, you should ask for a helmet and a reflective jacket from the place you rent. Additionally, always wear shoes. That is not only for safety. The police may stop you at roadblocks and fine you if you don’t have these items. Some officers may fine you even if you follow all the rules to get money from you, which we’ll address in the section below.

Rent a car in Diani Beach

There are car rental services available in Diani and Mombasa. However, we don’t recommend renting a car. It’s expensive, and the traffic is crazy if you’re not used to it. The most affordable car rental we saw was 90 USD daily, even for long-term rentals.

Public transportation in Diani Beach

In Diani Beach, there isn’t a conventional public transportation system like you may be familiar with from your hometown. However, matatus are the primary mode of “public transportation” available. Matatus are shared minibusses. They are not widely available on Diani Beach Road. We haven’t tried the matatus ourselves in Diani, as we mostly used TukTuks and our scooter during our visit.

Is ther an international Community in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach is home to a diverse international community, with people from all around the world choosing to live here either permanently or temporarily. This vibrant community primarily consists of tourists and backpackers; however, the digital nomad community is gradually growing as well.

We recommend engaging in activities from Diani Backpackers to socialize with other travelers since they frequently organize tours and events.

You can also post to Digital Nomads or Expats Facebook groups about your visit to Diani to connect with fellow nomads who are already there or planning to visit at the same time.

Relevant Facebook Groups for Diani Beach

There is a good selection of Facebook groups for visitors and locals in Dian Beach / Kenya. We recommend you join these groups before you go or while in Diani. There are groups for all purposes (Rentals, Tours, Social Activities, and more). You can ask specific questions, find a lot of information, and connect with other travelers. Here are some examples:

DIANI WHAT’S UP: This group is mostly used by locals who will help you for sure with questions (you can also ask for accommodation there).
Expats in Nairobi Even though this group is primarily for Nairobi, many members can help you with your questions and you could connect with the ones also visiting Diani.
Digial Nomads in Africa Community: There are not many members in the group yet, but you could still try to connect to fellow nomads with similar travel plans in this group.

What are the best Restaurants in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach offers an impressive variety of restaurants, ranging from local to international cuisine. You’ll find a blend of Swahili, Italian, English, and Arabic dishes at various establishments in the area.

Seafood is a must-try when visiting Diani Beach, as the local offerings are fresh and plentiful. Ethiopian cuisine is a fantastic option for vegans, with several restaurants and eateries specializing in these flavorful dishes.

Italian food is also widely available in Diani, thanks to the large Italian community living along the Kenyan coast.

Even though it’s not common practice in local restaurants in Kenya, it’s still expected and recommended to give a tip (at least 10%) in restaurants in touristic areas on the coast.

Remember that popular restaurants often fill up quickly, so making a reservation in advance is a good idea if you have a particular spot in mind. When we list the approximate costs (for two) for a restaurant in this section, we include the price of a main dish, a shared starter, a bottle of water, and one glass of beer or wine for each person. Here is an overview of the Restaurants we have visited in Diani Beach:

Where to eat Breakfast in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach provide­s amazing options for breakfast, whether you pre­fer local flavors or international dishes. Many spots serve breakfast late into the early afternoon. Still, they tend to get quite busy, so we recommend arriving early enough, especially on weekends. Below, we’ve listed some of the places we’ve visited that specialize in breakfast offerings:


Near the­ petrol station on Diani Beach Road, there­ is a charming little restaurant named Tribe­arth. This eco-friendly establishme­nt boasts an impressive menu fille­d with mouthwatering sweet bowls, wraps, ve­gan Ethiopian dishes, juices, fruits, coffee­, tea and cakes that will surely satisfy any palate­.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Level of Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 15 USD

If you’re looking for a de­licious vegan option, the Ethiopian platter is highly re­commended. It feature­s a flavorful combination of various ingredients and comes in a ge­nerous serving size. For chocolate­ lovers, the Cacao Tribe Bowl is de­finitely worth trying. And for those see­king something refreshing and de­lightful, check out the Summer Soul bowl.

Stadler Fresh Fruits & Coffee

Stadler Fresh Fruits & Cafe, situated near the beginning of the road to Diani Backpackers, is a local eatery offering seasonal fruits, juices, eggs and pancakes at affordable prices.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Number of visits: Multiple
Level of Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 5-10 USD

We recommend fruit salad and fresh juice, basic and simple but the best.

Pita Pan Cafe

Pita Pan Cafe is a small coffee shop in the corner of Diani Shopping Centre. They offer various breakfast options like delicious Lebanese dishes, juices, fruits, crepes, coffee, etc.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Number of visits: Multiple
Level of Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 10-15 USD

We strongly recommend trying the falafel, humus and chicken Shawarma.

Kokkos Cafe And Bistro

Kokkos is among our top choices for breakfast or lunch. Their menu features a wide range of options, from refreshing juices and crepes to fruit bowls and delicious omelets for breakfast.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Normal (long on weekends when it’s full)
Number of visits: Multiple
Level of Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 10-15 USD

We recommend refreshing mango lassi or watermelon juice, iced latte with low-fat milk, fruit salad, crepes, and eggs for breakfast. Try the vegetable stir-fry or (vegan) burger if you want a satisfying lunch. Take advantage of their tempting selection of cakes, with the carrot cake being a standout favorite.

Pallet cafe Diani

Pallet Cafe Diani embraces a unique and inclusive approach, offering employment opportunities for hearing and speaking-impaired locals. They also educate visitors on communicating with their hands as you are encouraged to order without talking. We love the concept, and the location directly on the beach is wonderful.

Although it is situated in a remote location at the end of Galu Beach, the journey to Pallet Cafe Diani is absolutely worthwhile.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 15-20 USD

We recommend their delicious sandwiches and pancakes.

Where to have lunch & Dinner in Diani Beach?

You’ll find many local and international restaurants in Diani. Most are located on the beach road or inside one of the hotels. There are few vegetarian and vegan choices yet, but you can always find something. Many restaurants close their kitchens around 9 pm, so you shouldn’t go out too late if you want to have dinner.

Below are some of the places we’ve visited and our recommendations:

Funky Monkey Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Funky Monkey, a re­staurant located conveniently ne­xt to the winery, offers an array of de­lectable dishes from around the­ world. Whether you crave burge­rs, pasta, meat, tacos or fish – they have got you cove­red. Be sure not to miss the­ir famous “Taco Tuesday” and keep some­ energy saved for We­dnesdays’ lively salsa night.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Fast
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 20-30 USD

Our favourite dish which we strongly recommend you to try are the prawn linguine.

Asha Bistro

Located at the end of a quiet alley, this restaurant is a hidden gem at the beach. It’s part of a hotel, so we recommend making a reservation beforehand (although we were lucky enough to get in without one once). They also have a BBQ buffet once a week, but be sure to ask which days they offer it (we were there on a Saturday).

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Normal
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 25-35 USD

We strongly recommend trying the delicious lobster and prawns at the BBQ buffet.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

Located in a stunning coral cave, Ali Baba’s Cave restaurant in Diani offers a unique dining experience that is definitely worth the price. While it is one of the more expensive options in the area, the amazing seafood platters and international cuisine make it well worth the visit. Be sure to book your reservation at least two days in advance during the high season to ensure a table in this must-visit location.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Fast
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 50-60 USD

We recommend the seafood platter and a bottle of wine. Ask for the Crepe Suzette for dessert.

Image of a bush baby running on a fence
Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant

Situated dire­ctly on the beach and part of The Sands hote­l, Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant is a top culinary destination in Diani. With an impre­ssive range of seafood, inte­rnational dishes, and cocktails that are sure to ple­ase any palette. The­ir exceptional Italian cuisine include­s freshly baked pizza from a proper ove­n and homemade ice cre­am! For those with dietary restrictions, the­y offer vegan, vege­tarian, and gluten-free options as we­ll.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 40-50 USD

We highly recommend trying their delectable tuna sushi platter. It would help if you arrived earlier in the evening to ensure its freshness (because we realized that they cooled it down on some days when we came late, and then it lost much of its taste). If you love Italian cuisine, be sure to order the margarita pizza. It is simply perfect, and don’t forget to try the homemade ice creams. Our favorite ones were hazelnut, cashew nut and peanut.

The Salty Squid Beach Bar & Restaurant

Located near Galu Beach, Salty Squid restaurant is owned by the same owner as Funky Monkey, but it’s situated directly at the beachfront. The restaurant offers a range of local and international cuisine, delicious cocktails, and drinks. Due to the location at the beach, the prices are also slightly higher. But it’s still absolutely worth visiting. Better book your table two days in advance as this place is very popular.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Fast
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 30-35 USD

We highly recommend their catch of the day, garlic prawns, lobster, or creamy linguine. Treat yourself with their delightful cocktails. And to cap off your dining experience, be sure to check out their dessert offerings, with our favorite being the banana split.


If you’re a sushi lover, this japanese restaurant is a must-visit. Located across the street from Foodplus, it offers Diani’s freshest and most authentic sushi. While they do serve other authentic Asian dishes, their specialty is definitely sushi. The knowledgeable chef takes the time to explain every detail of the sushi and even offers tips for the best-tasting experience. They currently only accept cash. If you order a large sushi platter, you should call in advance. The salmon’s prices and quality are also fair even though it is imported. But of course, it’s more expensive than other restaurants in general.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 20-30 USD

We strongly recommend you try one of the sushi platters.

Apero Bar & Restaurant Diani

Apero is situated opposite Foodplus and offers delicious hamburgers, meat cuts, and fish dishes for a fair price. They also have a good selection of local beers and excellent cocktails.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Fast
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 20-30 USD

We recommend the sirloin steak and the fish of the day or the curry fish.

The K Korean Restaurant

For those who want an e­xceptional dining experie­nce, the owner of Shashin-Ka re­staurant also operates a charming spot that specialize­s in delicious Korean cuisine at affordable­ prices. In addition to various meat dishes, the­ menu also includes vege­tarian options to cater to everyone­’s dietary prefere­nces. Please note­ that this restaurant only accepts payment in cash or with MPESA.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 20 USD

We recommend dumplings and vegetarian bibimbap.

Sizzlers Steak House and Pub

Located near Carrefour, this restaurant offers a friendly local atmosphere and is one of our favorites. With a typical African pub vibe and pool table inside­, it offers a friendly local atmosphere­ for diners. Meat lovers will appre­ciate their delicious se­lection of good quality and reasonably priced ste­aks. On Fridays, live music sets the tone­ for a great start to the wee­kend.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 15-25 USD

The Swahili prawns and the­ succulent steak cuts like t-bone­, ribeye, and more come­ highly recommended. It’s worth asking which ste­aks are available on the day you visit as the­y don’t always have every cut in stock. More­over, the reasonable­ prices make this dining expe­rience one not to be­ missed!

Leonardo’s Restaurant

North of Diani Beach, the­re’s a good Italian restaurant called Le­onardos. For a fair price, their delicious cuisine­ makes for an enjoyable dining e­xperience e­nhanced by the great ambiance­. Whenever you’re­ in Diani, it’s worth visiting Leonardos.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 20 USD

Looking for some de­licious picks? The mushroom risotto and prawn linguine are highly re­commended. And, if you have a swe­et tooth, make sure to try the­ homemade ice cre­am.

Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant

This high-end restaurant, situated at Galu Beach and part of the Almanara Luxury Villas complex, offers an upscale dining experience. While it’s one of the pricier options in Diani, the quality of their seafood, meat cuts and pasta dishes make it a worthwhile indulgence. The restaurant’s picturesque location overlooking the beach creates a truly luxurious dining ambiance.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 40-60 USD

We recommend their king prawns and grilled fish.

Havana Bar, Diani Beach

This restaurant is located in Baharini Plaza, next to the Foodplus supermarket. They offer burgers, tacos, pizza, pasta, fish, and meat cuts. They also have some vegetarian options.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Long
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied
Appr. costs (for 2): 25 USD

We recommend the grilled sirloin steak and  the red prawn curry.

How is the Nightlife in Diani Beach?

The nightlife in Diani Beach offers a laid-back yet entertaining atmosphere, with various clubs, bars, and special events for visitors and locals to enjoy. While it may not be as bustling as a big city’s nightlife, there are plenty of opportunities for a fun night out.

Diani Beach has a selection of clubs and bars to enjoy drinks, music, and dancing. During the week, the nightlife in Diani Beach is generally more laid-back, with most bars and restaurants closing between 10-11 pm. There are often Karaoke and salsa nights organized between Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a more relaxed setting, you can also find bars and restaurants that offer a quieter atmosphere for conversation and cocktails. On weekends, the nightlife scene becomes livelier, with bigger parties and events held at various venues around Diani Beach. These parties often last until sunrise. They provide an excellent opportunity for socializing, dancing, and letting loose in the beautiful coastal setting.

We haven’t been to the two big night clubs in Dian (Tandoori and Manyatta) but here a few suggestions:

Diani Backpackers

Diani Backpackers is the­ go-to place for those looking for wild parties in Diani Beach. With the biggest events on Fridays and Saturdays, you can dance, swim in the pool and celebrate until the sun rises. Pre-drinking games create a fun and social atmosphere, allowing party-goers to connect with a diverse international crowd. They also have a pool table and foosball available. This lively hub draws in a mix of tourists, backpackers, and expats, making it the perfect spot for unforgettable nights in Diani.

Stilts Tree Houses

Have you ever heard about bush babies? These small, nocturnal primates native to sub-Saharan Africa are named after their unique cries. At Stilts Tree House, you can hand-feed them and watch them jump around daily before enjoying a fun karaoke night at the bar. The feedings are usually around 7 pm. Please follow instructions, avoid using flash photography as it could blind them, and refrain from petting them.

Image of a bush baby running on a fence
Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar is a popular spot on Diani Beach Road, known for its lively atmosphere and good drinks. Although the food may not be the best compared to other establishments in the area, it’s the perfect place to enjoy music and join in on their Thursday salsa nights. Like most other places apart from clubs, Tiki Bar also closes on weekends at 11 pm.

Where to exchange money exchange & card payment in Diani Beach?

You won’t find traditional exchange offices in Diani as you might know it from other touristic places. Most places accept US Dollars but usually, you have to pay a little more in US Dollars than when you pay with the local currency.


M-Pesa is a popular mobile money transfer service throughout Kenya. It allows people to transfer money, pay bills, and purchase goods and services using their mobile phones. M-Pesa is widely used in Diani Beach, and it has revolutionized the way people conduct their financial transactions. You can pay for almost everything (including things like TukTuks) and we strongly recommend it to get it when you arrive, it will make your life there much easier.

To get Mpesa, you must have a Safaricom Sim card and a passport. When you get your sim card, you should directly open your MPESA account. The agent will help you to register for Mpesa. After that you can then easily send and receive money using your mobile phone (Mpesa App). You can then deposit and withdraw cash at any of the valid Mpesa establishments, which you find everywhere.

ATMs in Diani Beach

There are two main areas where you can find multiple ATMs. The first area is in front of Foodplus. The ATMs available there only accept Visa at the moment. If you have a mastercard you need to go to the other area with ATMs located next to Carrefour. Here you can find an ATM of Diamond Trust Bank next to the supermarket and one of ABSA Bank accross the street. Both accept Visa and Mastercard.

We are using the banking service of Revolut and are very happy with their service. Usually, we lose a lot of money when traveling and withdrawing money with the credit cards of our banks. After starting to use the Metal card of Revolut, we are meanwhile withdrawing for free. The exchange rate used is always the updated official rate. I’m paying around 12 USD per month. Still, it’s worth considering how much I save when withdrawing money (and many other benefits come with this plan).

Note: We strongly recommend withdrawing from an ATM of the Diamond Trust Bank (DTB). This was the only bank in Kenya from which we could withdraw for free. All the other banks charged a fee of around 3-5 USD. You can find an ATM of DTB next to Carrefour at the Diani Beach Road.

Paying by card in Diani Beach

It depends on your bank if you have to pay (and the amount) a fee for paying by credit card. All the big supermarkets, hotels, and almost all (international) restaurants accept payments by card. Unless you have Mpesa, we still recommend you always have some cash to pay for your TukTuk or a coconut at the beach.

Note: You should also pay attention when paying by card. Once, the cashier charged the amount two times in the supermarket via contactless payment. He claimed that the first payment didn’t work (even though the first payment worked). Try to pay with paypass and always keep an eye on your card. Also, be careful that your card doesn’t get copied.

Where to shop AT Diani Beach?

Diani may be small, but it boasts a diverse range of shops that cater to every taste and budget. From unique local stores to famous international brands, you’ll find everything you need and more. If you’re looking to support the community and discover some one-of-a-kind products, be sure to check out the local shops in Diani. With their friendly owners and welcoming atmosphere, they offer a chance to get to know the town’s unique character.

Are there supermarkets at Diani Beach?

Supermarkets in Diani offer a wide range of products, from fresh produce and meats to household essentials such as hygiene products and electronics, catering to all needs. Carrefour, which is well-equipped with international brands, is one of the largest supermarkets in Diani. If you’re looking for a more centrally located option, Foodplus is a convenient choice. Their fruits are particularly noteworthy. Naivas is the farthest of the three options, but it stocks almost everything you could need.

For local fruits & veggies: While the supermarkets offer a variety of delicious local produce, there’s something special about supporting local businesses like Mama Lucy Fruits & Vegetables. Located next to Havana Restaurant, this small local shop offers a range of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Where to buy clothes at Diani Beach?

If you’re looking to shop for clothes in Diani Beach, you have plenty of options. We recommend checking out the local stores along Diani Beach Road just in front of Kokkos restaurant for ready-made clothes.

But if you’re feeling creative, there are a few other places to check out. First, stop by Shakir Diani Beach at the Diani Beach Shopping Centre to check out a variety of fabrics. Then, head to Debssie beads boutique to get help with creating your own custom clothing or transforming existing pieces.
There are also a few shops worth checking out at Diani Shopping Centre. 

Where to buy electronics at Diani Beach

You can find basic electronics such as chargers and earplugs in Carrefour and Foodplus supermarkets.
Plenty of small shops are scattered around the plazas that offer various brands and prices.

Where to buy female HYGIENE products at Diani Beach?

While menstrual pads are available at the supermarkets in Diani Beach, alternative options like menstrual cups or panties are rare. We recommend bringing your preferred menstrual products with you to avoid any inconvenience.

Where to buy alcohol in Diani Beach?

You can find alcohol almost in all supermarkets (they have a special section). We only saw one specialized store called Wine and More Cellar that sells only alcohol. There is a lot to choose from.

You can find beer, vodka, wine, and good tequila. We recommend you try Tusker, the local beer.

What to do in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach offers you a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural experiences, Diani Beach has something for everyone.

1. Enjoy the stunning beaches of Diani Beach

Spend your days under the warm sun, taking refreshing dips in the ocean, or strolling along the shore. Diani Beach is renowned for its breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. If you want a sunbed close to the beach, you can go to one of the beach resorts, such as Eleven Pearl. They allow visitors from outside if you consume around 10 dollars at their bar or restaurant.

2. Explore the Marine Life of Diani Beach

Dive into the vibrant underwater world of Diani Beach. Swim alongside dolphins, turtles, and various tropical fish. Go on a snorkeling or diving excursion to discover the colorful coral reefs and observe fascinating marine creatures. One of the snorkeling spots you can reach directly from the beach is close to the shore in front of Baobab Resort on the way to Robinson Island.

3. Water Sports and Adventures in Diani Beach

Diani Beach offers many water sports and adventure activities for adrenaline seekers. It’s famous for kiteboarding, and you can find many schools there. You can also do jet skiing, skydiving, or paddleboarding. Other activities include deep-sea fishing and boat trips along the coast.

4. Go for a day trip from Diani Beach

There are many beautiful places to discover close to Diani, such as Shimba Hills, Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park & Reserve, Mombasa, Cahle Island, and more. Find more information in the section bellow.

5. Dive into the nightlife of Diani Beach
A lot is going on during the night in Diani Beach. Go to a salsa night at Funky Monkey, dance until sunrise at Diani Backpackers, or enjoy karaoke after feeding bush babies at Stilts Tree Houses.

6. Encounter wild animals at Diani Beach from close

You can visit the Colobus Conservation center in Diani Beach to learn more about the colobus monkeys or visit Bora Bora Wildlife Park. This park is more zoo-like, but there are also zebras and ostriches roaming around freely in the park. You can hand feed the giraffes and the ostriches and see buffalos. You can also hold a baby crocodile and turtles.

7. Shop at Local Markets

Explore the bustling local markets in Ukunda near Diani Beach and discover handmade crafts, artwork, and souvenirs. Engage with local vendors and bring home a piece of Diani Beach’s vibrant culture. Remember to haggle for a reasonable price.

Are there organized Tours from Diani Beach?

In Diani Beach, you can find numerous tour operators on almost every corner, and they usually offer similar trips. We recommend asking around at different offices and comparing prices to get the best deal, as they can vary significantly. Also, check if the agency you are booking with is reputable. Many people are running around on the street and beach trying to convince you to book a Safari. There are also a lot of scams going on with that.

Organized tours are generally very expensive in Kenya – especially Safaris. Depending on the park you are going to and the number of people you are with, expect to pay at least around 250€ per day for a safari in Kenya.

How to visit Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park (including Chale Island& Slave Cave)?

Location on google maps

Costs of the trip: Around 90 USD including transportation from Diani
What to take: Cash and sunscreen

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful protected marine park located on the south coast of Kenya, near Diani Beach. This park is home to coral reefs, dolphins, sea turtles, and diverse fish species, making it a must-visit destination for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

After that, you’ll visit Wasini island, famous for its fresh seafood cuisine (crabs), including Swahili dishes prepared with a unique blend of local spices. You’ll as well pass over a boardwalk through a beautiful coral garden.

Before returning to Diani, you’ll visit the historic Slave Cave and discover the islands’ dark past.

Where to go for self organized day trips from Diani Beach?

Plenty of destinations within a few hours’ drive are worth exploring. Organizing your trip allows you to create a personalized itinerary and explore at your own pace. Whether traveling solo, with friends, or with family, self-organized day trips from Diani Beach are possible. Let us tell you more about our favorite ones. 

Note: For these trips, we recommend renting a scooter (as we did) or a motorbike, depending on your skills, budget, and licenses.

Day Trip to Chale Island

Location on google maps

Costs of the trip: Appr. 38 USD for a day pass on the island and 10 USD (total) for transportation
What to take: Cash, sunscreen and snorkeling gear.

Chale Island is a small paradise just off the coast of Diani Beach. The island is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a beautiful white beach and different blue-tone colors at sea. You can walk around the island (for free) if the tide and the beach boys allow you. 

Or you can stay at one of the island’s luxury resorts (get a day pass at The Sands at Chale Island), enjoy delicious food, exotic cocktails, and many fun activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and beach volleyball.

The island is also home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, peacocks, and rare bird species. You will truly experience an empty, calm beach since no beach boys wander around.

How to get to Chale Island (self organized)?

Chale Island is accessible by road and boat or tractor from the mainland (this will depend on the tide). You can take a Matatu or Boda Boda from Diani Beach to Msambweni or drive with a scooter. You will reach the end of the mainland, and then you need to enter a place that seems like a parking place (speak to the guard inside). They will let you into the reception, where you will pay directly to the dayticket on the island (which belongs to a hotel), and then you will take either a boat or a tractor to Chale Island.

The journey takes approximately 45 minutes by road from Diani and 20 minutes by boat. It is also possible to arrange a transfer with the hotel or resort where you are staying.

The day pass for the island cost 38 USD and it includes lunch and and a sunbet at the beach. Be sure to go to the terrace bar before 6pm to get an amazing spot to watch the sunset.

Day trip to Shimba Hills

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: Around 50 USD (transportation & entry fees if you are more than one person)
What to take: Cash, shoes appropriate for hiking or walking long distances, water, hat, sunscreen, and binoculars.

Shimba Hills is a beautiful national reserve located one hour from Diani Beach. It’s home to diverse wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, and rare species like the sable antelope, but they can be hard to see. The best things about the reserve are the waterfalls and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

You are only allowed to enter the park by car, not on a scooter. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you’ll see elephants as they are hiding in the the bushes there.

How to get to Shimba Hills?

To get to Shimba Hills National Reserve by self-driving, take the Likoni-Lunga Lunga Road from Ukanda towards Mombasa and then take the road C106 toward Kwale. The journey takes approximately 1 hour, depending on traffic. Once in Kwale, take the road towards Shimba Hills and follow the signs to the park entrance. Be sure to take a nice bike since some parts of the road are pretty tough.

Another option is to take a Matatu from Ukunda heading to Kwale town and ask to be dropped off at Shimba Hills junction. Then you can take a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) to the Shimba Hills National Reserve gate. Remember to ask for the price before you take the ride.

Day trip to Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: 7.6 USD + tip
What to take: Cash, sunscreen, hat and mosquito spray.

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is a unique and mystical destination for nature lovers. The local community considers it a sacred site and believes it to be a place of spiritual significance where they can still nowadays perform their rituals. It’s a perfect spot for their meditation and introspection.

The forest is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including monkeys, butterflies, and exotic birds. You can walk peacefully through the paths and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

How to get to Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest?

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is located about 6 kilometers south of Diani Beach. To get there, you can take a matatu (but it will take a lot of time) or the best option is to take a boda boda. It will take you around 14 min from Foodplus supermarket. 

Day trip to Mombasa

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: Around 10 USD for entry in Fort Jesus + transport
What to take: Cash, sunscreen, hat, water and snacks.

Mombasa is the second largest city on the Kenyan coast. It is full of history. You can enjoy the mixture of African and Arab cultures through its incredible architecture and delicious food.

Make sure you visit the Portuguese Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, you won’t want to miss strolling through the charming and narrow old town streets.


How to get to Mombasa?

You can easily get from Diani to Mombasa by scooter. Follow the Likoni-Ukunda road from Ukunda to Likoni and then cross by ferry. If you cross by scooter, the ferry costs less than a dollar, but you can only pay by Mpesa and not in cash. Occasionally, the employees there accept cash if you pay a bit more, but officially they are not allowed to do so. Be careful when driving in Mombasa as the traffic is crazy. Alternatively, you can take a Matatatu or a Taxi from Diani.

Day trip to Kongo river

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: Around 7.5 USD per Person
What to take: Water, snacks, sunscreen and hat

Embark on a picturesque journey through the Kongo River estuary, with a breathtaking canoe ride as the sun sets. The canoe, crafted from the mango tree, is traditional to the area and adds to the immersive experience. The captain leading the tour is knowledgeable about the region’s storied past, offering an enriching opportunity to learn. Along the way, keep an eye out for the diverse avian population that call the area home. Over 30 species flock to the river seeking sustenance and are a treat for bird enthusiasts. Upon reaching the river’s endpoint, bask in the beauty of the sandy shoreline. Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime encounter pass you by. The sea receives a river in a picturesque location, offering a magnificent beach for relaxation.

Many people mistake the Kongo river with the Congo river floating through the Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo. This is not the same river as the one in Diani. The Kongo river in Diani is named after the Kongo Mosque located nearby.

How to get to Kongo River

Getting to Kongo river is very simple. Just follow the Diani Beach Road until the end. You can take a Tuktuk which will cost you around 5-10 USD depending how far you are away.

Are there doctors in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach Hospital takes the lead as the top medical facility in the area when it comes to hospitals or private doctors in Diani. You can rely on Diani Beach Hospital for immediate medical attention in case of any medical emergency or health concern. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by a highly skilled team that delivers excellent patient care. Its central location in the heart of Diani Beach ensures easy accessibility for residents and visitors needing medical services.

Culture and respect in Diani Beach

Culture and respect are an integral part of life in Diani Beach. It is important to respect the local culture and customs, which includes dressing modestly, avoiding public displays of affection, and refraining from loud and disruptive behavior.

We recommend you to be aware of your action’s impact on the local environment and wildlife and make an effort to minimize your footprint (support local businesses and consume local).

You can have a more meaningful and enjoyable experience in Diani Beach by respecting the local culture and environment.

What are common Scams in Diani Beach?

It is essential to be aware of common scams in Diani Beach to avoid falling prey to them. Scammers may try to sell fake tours, overcharge for goods or services, or ask for money under false pretenses. It is vital to do research on reputable companies and vendors before making any purchases or bookings.

We also advise you to be cautious when approached by strangers offering unsolicited assistance or deals. Trusting your instincts and being aware of your surroundings can go a long way in avoiding scams while enjoying your stay in Diani Beach.

Powercuts in Diani Beach

Power cuts or blackouts are common in Diani Beach, as the region faces frequent power outages due to the unstable power grid. These outages can last usually just for a couple of minutes but sometimes for hours, depending on the severity of the issue.

While most hotels and resorts have backup generators, we recommend you carry a flashlight, headlamp, and a power bank to keep your electronic devices charged during these outages. It’s also important to preserve energy during these times and turn off any non-essential electronics to avoid draining the backup power.

Conclusion about Diani Beach

Diani Beach offers a balanced blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. It is an affordable, safe, and stunning destination for digital nomads seeking to unwind and explore the African coastline. With access to high-speed internet, you can stay connected while enjoying the unique charms of this unique location. To enhance your experience, we recommend respecting local customs, being mindful of the environment, and supporting the local economy by engaging with local businesses. Pack light and dress comfortably for the warm climate while remaining vigilant against potential scams. Diani Beach’s extraordinary beauty is one of the most captivating destinations. We hope our guide has provided valuable insights, ensuring a rewarding Work Voyage Balance during your time in Diani.

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