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Are you traveling the world while working remotely? Are you a Digital Nomad, Expat, Perpetual Traveller, or Location Independent Entrepreneur? Then you are in the right place. Here you can find complete & exclusive guides and insights from the best places for remote workers to live.

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Work, Travel, Save, Repeat

Work + Travel, Repeat

We are an Austrian-Mexican couple addicted to Vitamin Sea and adventurous places off the typical tourist path.

As we’ve traveled the world, we’ve noticed very little (accurate) information online tailored to digital nomads. In addition, much of it was no longer up to date as the world has changed a lot since Covid-19 and the crises we are currently in.

That’s why we made it our mission to give people in the same situation as us the information they need. Either before deciding to go to a place or while living there.

Because we believe in a Work Voyage Balance.

Andy & Philipp in sitting in Petra in Jordan looking dwn on the Monastery<br />
in Petra

AbouT Us

We have lived in each country we are blogging about for at least a month.

We are the kind of travelers who like to self-organize our trips to discover more and travel at our own pace rather than joining fully organized tours.

When we visit a new country, we usually pick one place as the basis from which we work. When we have free days in between, we use them to explore the rest of the country.

We also want to guide you on how you can travel responsibly and sustainably in the locations we’ve traveled to.

View from the the hill on the cristal blue water of Playa Balandra in La Paz

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Full Digital Nomad Guide to Dahab 2023

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