Are you about to (temporarily) move to Dahab, or are you already living there? Then you can find all the information you need in this guide.

Many years ago, we were in Egypt for a short time and visited the dreamy place of Dahab. We were immediately impressed by the combination of sea, mountains, desert, beautiful coral reefs, and endless sun. All in all, however, we had far too little time for the trip. Our goal was always to come back one day for a longer time. So we returned for several months and enjoyed every day in Dahab. Get ready for an unforgettable experience. You won’t regret going there.

We decided to list the prices in the guide mostly in USD and not in the local currency (EGP), as this makes more sense from our point of view. When we arrived in Egypt, 1 USD was 19 EGP. Around a month later, the value of the Egyptian currency plummeted, and suddenly the exchange rate was 1 to 25, as for 2023 its 1 to 30. However, this also led to a corresponding price adjustment in shops and restaurants in Dahab.

What are the Pros and Cons of living in Dahab?

Great weather with endless sun. Even in winter, the temperatures are very mild. As mountains surround Dahab, there is often wind, helping a lot if the heat is extreme. The good thing is that the heat is dry, so there is almost no humidity.

You can find fast and stable mobile internet for a low price. That makes it the perfect place for people who want to work remotely from Dahab.

Even though there are travel warnings for North Sinai, and the current conflict between Israel and Palestina, Dahab, located in South Sinai, is currently a safe destination to live in (also for solo female travelers). It’s also not as conservative as you might expect it to be.

The town is situated directly on the Gulf of Aqaba. The ideal place for people who want to live by the sea.

The local people are very warm and welcoming. You can also find a big international community living in Dahab.

The costs of living are very low in Dahab.

Swimming and sunbathing are possible throughout the year.

If you’re interested in exploring, organized trips or affordable public transport make it easy to visit popular places like Petra or Wadi Rum in Jordan. You can also plan a great trip across Egypt, including Siwa, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and more.

There are few fixed prices, and you usually have to negotiate for a reasonable price. Also, sometimes you pay more than initially thought with little tricks (like excluding taxes and service from prices).

The extreme heat in summer can be challenging to cope with, especially in July and August.

There’s a lack of dedicated co-working spaces providing private areas suitable for video calls.

Even in summer, the sun goes down very early (around 6 pm). It’s already rising around 5 am throughout the year, so you should get up early to catch a lot of daylight.

Brief Summary about Dahab

Dahab is a peaceful town on the red sea coast.  The weather is warm throughout the year. It’s in the middle of the desert on the Sinai Peninsula, surrounded by mountains. Over the last decades, it transformed from a small bedouin fishing village to a popular destination for independent travelers and digital nomads

It’s around one hour from the world-famous resort town Sharm El-Sheikh. While you can also make some adventurous trips outside of the water in the desert and mountains, you will find most of Dahab’s highlights below the surface of the water in the Sea. Beautiful reefs surround it with unique marine life. Hence it’s one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world with crystal blue waters. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing, and windsurfing are the primary sports. 

Dahab is generally one of the most secure international places in Egypt (for solo and group travelers). Still, we encourage you to always take precautions as in any other place while traveling. 

Within Dahab town, you can dress however you feel comfortable. No conservative dressing is required here.

Note: You should not shop in a bikini or swimsuit in the town. You don’t need to cover up but please show some respect to the local people and always wear clothes when you are not at sea.

Underwater image showing the coral reef and a turtle at the island dive side in Dahab

Is Dahab Safe?

Overall, Dahab is one of the safest destinations in Egypt. However, taking the same precautions as in other places would be best. Avoid walking in the dark through empty streets alone at night.

The locals in Dahab are very friendly. If you treat them with respect, they will be very welcoming. We recommend you avoid staring at the local Bedouins and taking pictures without their consent. Be patient and try not to complain immediately if things take a bit longer, as that’s common in Egypt. Please don’t leave your belongings unattended; keep an eye on them when you are in the water.

You can find more significant threats under the water if you are not careful. There are a lot of sea urchins in some places so watch out for them when you enter the water. Always wear water shoes and check what’s below you.

Don’t walk through high seaweed in the water. There are often sea eels hiding. They usually don’t attack humans unless they feel threatened. Stepping on one of them could end very painful. You typically have to go longer through the shallow waters before it suddenly gets deeper and the reef ends. Try to swim as soon as the water is high enough and walk as little as possible. This way, you avoid stepping on something painful on the one hand, and on the other hand, you avoid stepping on corals and damaging them. There are also dangerous fish like stonefish, lionfish, and more. Generally, avoid contact with all underwater creatures and watch what you step on. What we’ve just mentioned might sound very scary, but if you take the usual caution, you’ll be fine. Just be respectful of the underwater world, then you should have no problems and enjoy the beautiful reefs instead. Even if the currents are not so strong compared to other seas, you should not underestimate them. You should not swim too far out on your own and watch out for motorboats nearby when snorkeling.

Furthermore, be careful when you go hiking outside of Dahab – especially if you go to the mountains. Always ensure you take enough water, and don’t underestimate the heat that can get unbearable during the day, especially in summer. Avoid going hiking alone in the mountains. Remember the way, as it’s easy to get lost. When climbing the hills, be careful as the stones are often fragile, and you can fall easily.

Overall, if you don’t take unnecessary risks, Dahab is a safe place to stay. We never felt unsafe during our entire stay here. It is also safe for female solo travelers but avoid walking alone on empty streets at night.

Where is Dahab?

Dahab is located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, right on the Red Sea, and is near the well-known resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh.

How far is Dahab from Sharm el Sheikh?

Dahab is approximately 85 kilometers north of Sharm El Sheikh along the coast of the Red Sea. It usually takes about one hour to travel by car. 

How far is Dahab from Cairo?

Dahab is approximately 600 kilometers away from Cairo. It usually takes about 7 to 8 hours to travel by car, depending on traffic conditions.

How to get to Dahab?

There is no Airport directly in Dahab, but you can easily reach it via the Sharm El Sheik international airport. Alternatively, there are buses from Cairo or Israel (no direct connection).

How to get to Dahab by plane?

How to get to Dahab By Plane via Sharm El Sheikh?

At the moment (October 2022), there are direct flights from the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Armenia, Saudi-Arabia, France, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan to Sharm El-Sheikh. Currently (October 2022), direct flights from England, Italy, and Austria (via WizzAir and Ryanair) are the cheapest to Sharm El-Sheikh.

The Airport of Sharm El-Sheikh is around 1 hour by car from Dahab. There are different options for how you can get from the airport to Dahab:

How to get to Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh?

How to get by Taxi from Sharm El Sheikh Airport to Dahab?

The price differs a lot. We recommend arranging a taxi before you land at the airport. You’ll need excellent negotiating skills to get a reasonable price on the spot, and you might pay much more. Depending on that, you’ll pay between 30 and 70 USD for the ride.

Especially if you arrive in the evening, we recommend you book the transportation beforehand. The drivers know you depend on them, so they strongly raise the prices.

There are Facebook Groups like Dahab Digital Nomads or Dahab <> Sharm – Carpooling & Paid transportation through which you can organize a taxi before you arrive. You can get it at the moment (October 2022) for around 25-35 USD

Alternatively, there are shuttle services from the Airport to Dahab, which you can book online. Currently (October 2022), they are more expensive than taxis (around 50 USD). However, it might still be cheaper than what you pay on the spot, especially if you arrive in the evening.

How to get to Dahab By Bus from Sharm El Sheikh Airport?

Currently (October 2022), there is no direct bus from Sharm El Sheikh Airport to Dahab. You need to take a taxi (around 15 USD) from the Airport to Sharm El Sheikh Royssat bus station in Sharm El Sheikh (appr. 15 minutes) and take the bus from there to Dahab. The ride will last around one and a half hours to the central bus station in Dahab and the ticket costs approximately 6 USD.

You can get your bus ticket to Dahab in advance on the Go-bus website. When you book, you have to select “Sharm El Sheikh (Royssat)” > “Dahab” and not “Sharm Gobus Station” > “Dahab” as you will only find the bus when you choose the first mentioned option. Sometimes, unfortunately, the payment doesn’t work. If the first card doesn’t work, try it with another card. If it still doesn’t work, you must buy it at the station. This company has only one bus per day at 11 am.

Other bus companies, such as East Delta, go to Dahab from the central bus station too. But you can’t book the ticket online for these companies. You can only buy it at the station.

How to get to Dahab from Cairo?

How to get by Bus from Cairo to Dahab?

It’s easy to get from Cairo to Dahab as there are multiple times per day buses going from Cairo (passing through Sharm El-Sheikh) from numerous bus stations in Cairo. Depending on your booking class, the ticket will cost you between 10-20 USD, and the trip will last around 10 hours.

You can book your bus ticket online on the website of Go Bus or buy it at the station. There are also other bus companies like East Delta Travel going to Dahab. We do not recommend you book the cheapest class as the bus ride is quite long (around 10 hours), and the comfort is much higher on higher booking classes.

How to get to Dahab from Eilat? (Israel)

By Land from Israel to Dahab

If you want to travel from Israel to Egypt (Dahab), you first need to go to the City Eilat in the south of Israel. You can take a taxi for around 15 USD to get to the Taba border crossing from the city center to enter Egypt. Ensure the driver turns on the taxi meter, so you don’t get overcharged). Alternatively, you can take bus number 30 for approx. 1.30 USD to the border.

If you are landing at Ramon Airport near Eilat, you can take a bus directly to the Taba border crossing in front of the arrival hall. The bus ticket will cost you around 1.20 USD as well. You can find the bus schedules and the stops on Google Maps.

Once you arrive at the border crossing, you have to pay an exit fee of 105 ILS on the Israeli side of the border, and there are some special visa requirements for Egypt. Read more about it in the Visa section. Also, if you already have your e-Visa, you’ll need to pay 200 EGP as a border fee on the Egyptian side of the border.

There is currently no bus going directly from the Taba border crossing to Dahab. There used to be a direct bus from the Taba border crossing to Dahab that ran twice daily from the bus company Delta, but they are no longer operating. Only one daily bus goes from Taba Heights to Dahab from the bus company Go-bus. Taba Heights is around 20 km from Taba Border Crossing. You must take a taxi from the border to Taba Heights as the bus departs only from there. The taxi will cost you 10-40 USD (To get a reasonable price, you have to haggle a lot). You should book the ticket in advance on the Go-bus website. It currently costs 7 USD. On the Go-bus website, you first have to select Nuweiba, and then a sub-menu will open where you can choose Taba Heights.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Taba Border Crossing to Dahab. We recommend organizing a taxi beforehand through your accommodation or Dahab Facebook Groups. You will need to pay around 50 USD. There are also taxis at the boarders that will try to make you spend much more because they know you depend on them.

This bus from Taba Height is also continuing to Cairo. Officially you are not allowed to take it as it passes through the center road of the Sinai peninsula. Due to security concerns, tourists are officially only allowed to pass this road with a police escort. It depends on the driver if he takes you and it might be that the police tell you to leave the bus at the checkpoint. Sometimes, however, the bus takes a longer route via Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo. Tourists are allowed to travel on this route without any problems. You can ask Go Bus support via What’s App (numbe on their webiste). They usually respond very quickly.

How is the climate & what is best time to visit Dahab?

There is a hot desert climate with warm temperatures (and low humidity) throughout most of the year in Dahab. The best time to visit is between September and May, as the summer months are extremely hot

Mid-June to Mid September

Day: Between 35-40°C
Night: Between 25-30°C


Mid-September to Mid December

Day: September & October between 30-35°C; November & December between 22-27°C Night: September & October between 25-30°C; November & December between 12-16°C

Mid-March to Mid June

Day: March & April between 25-29°C; May & June between 32-35°C
Night: March & April between 14-17°C; May & June between 20-29°C

Mid December to Mid March

Day: Between 22-25°C
Night: Between 11-17°C

It almost never rains in Dahab (on average, eight days a year). Sunrise and Sunset are both very early throughout the year.

Between 5:30-6:30 am between September-March
Between 5:00-5:30 am between April-August
Between 5:00-6:00 pm between September-March
Between 6:00-6:45 pm between April-August

The water temperature is warm throughout the year (between 21-28°C).

Average water temperatures in Dahab, Egypt

What are the Visa Requirements for Egypt?

People from almost all countries require a (Tourist) Visa for Egypt. You can either apply for an e-Visa from the Electronic Visa Portal of Egypt before you arrive in Egypt or get your Tourist Visa on Arrival.

Apply online before you fly to Egypt. The process is easy and fast, whereas you might wait for quite a while in line when you get your visa on the spot at the airport in Egypt.

It takes up to five business days until you receive your e-Visa after you apply online (Hence you should do it at least one week before you go).

There are two Tourist Visa options:

Allowed duration of stay
Single Entry
25 USD
On Arrival / E-Visa
Maximum 30 Days
3 Months after date of issue
60 USD
Every Entry maximum 30 Days
It is valid for 180 days (6 months)

If you have a multiple-entry visa and want to stay longer than 30 days, you can make a short trip to Israel or Jordan from Dahab by land (find out more about traveling between Egypt, Israel & Jordan by land here). When you return from your trip, you have 30 days more to stay. But take in mind that there are fees for crossing the land borders. You must pay an exit fee of 3 USD for Egypt and around 30 USD to Israel. When you re-enter Egypt through Israel, you must pay another border fee of 20 USD (400 EGP border tax + 5 EGP service fee). So overall you have to pay around 50 USD only for border fees (in total for both ways).

We’ve also met travelers taking a cheap flight to Europe and returning the next day.

How to extend your Visa in Egypt?

Once in Egypt you can visit the visa office (police complex) in Sharm El-Sheikh (or Cairo) to extend your tourist visa. Currently, the extension is possible for 180 days and costs 85 USD (only single entry available). Many internationals regularly go from Dahab for a “visa run” to Sharm El-Sheikh. Just check out the Facebook Group of Dahab Digital Nomads. You have to bring your passport, two copies of the front page of your passport (with your data), one copy of your visa stamp, and one passport picture. That is optional, as they also have a camera there). You can share a taxi and have some great company.

Visa on arrival exception: Entering from Israel through Taba border Crossing from Israel

The rules for visa on arrival when you enter Egypt through the Taba border crossing from Israel are different than if you enter by plane. Only citizens of the European Union (any country), USA and Israel do not need to apply for a visa in advance before entering Egypt through the Taba border crossing. All other countries need to apply for a visa in advance.

However, the visa on arrival issued at the Taba border crossing for citizens from any country of the European Union, USA, and Israel is only valid for 15 days. You are also only allowed to stay in the resort area of Sinai (Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba, and Taba). You cannot travel to Cairo or any other location outside of Sinai with that visum. You also have to pay a fee of 20 USD (payment only accepted in US Dollars).

Suppose you are not planning to stay just for a few days in a resort in Sinai. In that case, we strongly recommend all citizens obtain an e-Visa online in advance.

How high are the costs of living in Dahab?

Dahab is a low-key backpacker hotspot. The prices are much lower than in the high-end resort town Sharm El-Sheikh. Even though it’s still very cheap (compared to Central/Western Europe, for example), living costs have strongly increased over the last few years. Especially in 2022, living in Dahab got more expensive due to the high inflation rate in Egypt.

Eating in restaurants is very cheap in Dahab. You can have a rich local breakfast for less than 3 USD and an excellent international dinner for 5-10 USD per Person. In a coffee shop, you pay approximately 1 USD for a Turkish coffee or Espresso. A cappuccino will cost around 2.50 USD and a teapot between 1-3 USD.

Generally, you can live well here with a budget of around 15USD/day/person (excluding rent and tours).

There are a lot of traps that you should watch out for, especially at the seafront. There are often restaurants that are overpriced (and trick you into paying more by adding taxes and service fees to your bill at the end). Imported products are often much more expensive than local products. That applies to many products, from what you eat to what you use for your care and hygiene. If you need special creams, sunscreen, or any other type of particular brand, we recommend you pack a few before you come.

Generally, we recommend you consume locally.

Our two top tips for saving money in Dahab

1. Try to book accommodations, tours, and tickets as close to the source as possible. Due to high commissions, you will pay much more if you book things through agencies or booking platforms.
2. Compare the prices, as you usually have many options for everything, and the costs often vary.

Where to live & Rent in Dahab?

There are different neighborhoods in Dahab. In part, these differ significantly, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Since the size of Dahab is quite manageable, you can reach all areas quickly. Usually the closer you live to the sea, the more expensive the accommodation.

Lagoona neighborhood

The neighborhood is one of the calmest but also the most remote. You need to walk a bit or get a bicycle to reach the other areas. You’ll find mostly just international restaurants. You can quickly get to Lagoona beach, a beautiful beach close to Dahab, and you’ll also find empty beaches on the way there.

Lighthouse neighborhood

If you live at Lighthouse, you live in the heart of Dahab. You can access all the other neighborhoods quickly from here. The disadvantage is that it might get loud as there is usually a lot of action happening (but there are also quiet side streets). It is also the most international area with a large selection of international restaurants. You are also just a few steps away from the beautiful lighthouse reef. But the prices (also for accommodation) are mostly higher there.

Mashraba neighborhood

Mashraba is an area in the south of Dahab where most of the Egyptian inland tourists usually stay. It’s a very vibrant neighborhood with souvenir shops and cheap local restaurants. You’ll find many hostels and Airbnbs here. You are not far from the beautiful Laguna beach. It might get loud here if you live close to the main tourist street.

Asala neighborhood

Asala is the most traditional part of Dahab. You have a lot of Bedouins living there, and you’ll see a lot of goats running on the street. In Asala, you get to see how locals live in Dahab and not only the tourist side. You will see how incredibly hospitable most of the locals are. The neighborhood is very safe overall, and you can reach the center and the sea fast. As it’s one of the cheapest neighborhoods, it’s trendy among digital nomads. On Asala square you’ll find a lot of shops and restaurants. You’ll also have quick access to the mountains behind Dahab for hiking tours.

Eel garden neighborhood

The name comes from the countless (harmless) garden eels living under the water in the sea here. This neighborhood is very calm and dreamy. You’ll only find a few international and local restaurants here but not in such a density as in Mashraba or Lighthouse. The accommodations are more expensive here due to the quick beach access.

How much is the Rent in Dahab?

If you want to stay long-term (over a month) in Dahab, we recommend booking something in advance for just a few days. Then you can find something after you arrive by looking and asking around. If you do that, you can find decent one-bedroom accommodation (not seafront or second row) with wifi, a fully equipped kitchen, and A/C close to the center for around 300-400 USD/month. You will pay much more if you book your long-term stay via or Airbnb.

You can also find cheap accommodation through Facebook groups (such as Dahab Rentals). Despite being much cheaper, it always involves a risk as you don’t have the same protection as you have with or Airbnb. We strongly recommend visiting the accommodation before you book it long-term and waiting to make any payment before you have seen it. 

If you book your accommodation through Airbnb, you can find accommodations (entire apartments) starting from 500 USD per month. Contact the landlord before booking it long-term, as you might get a better price if you ask.

If you book your accommodation via, you should be very careful and check the offer closely. You can often find high extra charges and taxes added in small letters under the price, which you can easily overlook while booking. These additional charges and taxes are often higher than the room price. Sometimes there are great offers on booking for Dahab but watch out for that trap.

Image of the sea in Dahab with the sunset behind the mountains

What to take to Dahab?

Our main recommendation here is to try not to overpack for Dahab. You don’t need to bring a lot of cash with you as you can withdraw money in Egypt (make sure to talk to your bank before because your card might be blocked in some countries). If you are from Europe, you don’t need to bring an adapter since the same sockets are used in Egypt. If you are using menstrual cups or tampons, bring them with you, too, as you currently only get menstrual pads here.

Which Clothes should I bring to Dahab?

Try to take light clothes and remember to take some light pullovers if you are staying over winter. It might sometimes get a bit fresh at night (but you won’t need a winter jacket here). If you are not planning to stay within Dahab the whole time, you should bring light clothes covering your shoulders and knees. It will protect you from the sun, and you will also need it as it’s more conservative outside of Dahab.

Which shoes should I bring to Dahab?

Bring some hiking shoes and flip-flops, and avoid packing fancy new shoes. You’ll live in the middle of the desert, so be sure your shoes will be in very poor condition. You can also buy shoes and flip-flops on every corner of Dahab, but the quality could be better.

Which electronic devices should I bring to Dahab?

Bring your electronic devices (smartphones, computers) or buy them before in your home country as electronic devices are mostly more expensive here than in other countries. If you have a GoPro or underwater camera, we strongly recommend bringing it with you.

Install a VPN for Dahab

You should also sign up for a VPN service before traveling to Egypt to ensure you can access everything you need. The internet in Egypt is restricted (you can find more information here).

Take your divining and snorkeling equipment to Dahab

If you already have water shoes (highly recommended to use as there are many sea urchins), diving, or snorkeling gear, bring it with you to Dahab. You can get everything there cheaply, but the quality could be better.

How is the Internet in Dahab?

There are a lot of comments claiming that the internet speed in Dahab is very poor. We can’t confirm that as there are ways to get high-speed internet in Dahab, but you need to know where. The wifi connection depends very much on where you live in Dahab (and on the accommodation).

How is the Wifi at accommodations in Dahab?

The wifi connection in Dahab is mostly ok. Still, you should check in advance if your accommodation has fast and stable wifi if you need to work from home. At our accommodation, we had a download speed of 15 Mbps with our wifi, which was mostly stable. But we have heard about cases with slow and unstable internet. Search the reviews for keywords like wifi and internet and contact the space owner to ask.

How is the Wifi at restaurants, coffee shops and coworking spaces in Dahab?

Suppose you don’t have good internet in your accommodation (and your mobile reach isn’t good either). Alternatively, you could go to a co-working space or cafe/restaurant as many offer fast and stable internet. Just be aware that it’s often quite loud in case you have video meetings (even most co-working spaces don’t have private boxes for calls). In the Co-working spaces section, we’ve listed our favorite places to work from in Dahab.

How is the Mobile Internet in Dahab?

If you want to avoid depending on wifi (as it’s not always reliable), we highly recommend you get a local sim card and use a hotspot to work. We got above 100 Mbps download speed at Lighthouse with Vodafon. We were informed in May 2023 that Etisalat became better than Vodaphone in Dahab. It was also very stable and worked perfectly for video meetings. The internet packages coming with the sim are very cheap. We got one sim card from Vodafone and one from Orange, and both worked very well in Dahab. It seemed to us that outside of Dahab (in nature), Vodafone worked more often than Orange. There are many shops in Dahab selling sim cards, and you can also buy them directly at the arrival hall at the airport.

Here is a list of current mobile internet prices (prepaid) in Egypt from Vodafone:

Mobile Internet
Valid for
10 GB
1 month
20 GB
8.5 USD
1 month
36 GB
13 USD
1 month
48 GB
20 USD
1 month

Important Note: Sim Card

We recommend you buy the sim card directly from the official store of the mobile operator as you usually have to pay more if you buy it from a reseller. There are two official Vodafone stores in Dahab at the moment.

Important Note: VPN

Many websites and Applications (including international calls) are blocked in Egypt. We recommend you buy a VPN before arriving in Egypt. With that, you can ensure you can access everything you need. Make sure you download it before you are already in Egypt. Most VPN provider pages are also blocked here, so it isn’t easy if you are already here to download a VPN program. In case you are already here, you can download the chrome extension from VeePN to access everything you need. At the moment this is working well.  

Are there Coworking Spaces in Dahab?

There are currently no typical dedicated co-working spaces, as you might know from other places. You can find most of the digital nomads working in Coffee Shops or Restaurants in Dahab.

Mojo Cowork Cafe

Mojo Cowork Cafe is currently the only dedicated co-working space in Dahab. You can find a small room for co-workers on top of a coffee shop with a lovely sea view close to the lighthouse reef.

You must pay around 10 USD per day, 36 USD for five days, or 120 USD for twenty days (all packages include two bottles of water and one tea/coffee per day). You might get a better price if you stay longer.

The advantage is that they have an AC and the location is very close to the lighthouse reef. Hence you can jump right into the water on your break or after you finish working and watch the incredible marine life. The downside is that the room is small and might get very noisy when you have other co-workers.

We think it’s not worth paying this price for a co-working space that doesn’t offer privacy. You can work for free in other coffee shops or restaurants where you only have to pay for your consumption.

Ghazala Restaurant

Ghazala Restaurant has an inside area. You can also sit outside next to the sea on a sunbed, hammock, or carpet with a small table. They have both inside and outside power sockets. The wifi isn’t the fastest (also the speedier option for which they charge a small fee), but if you have a local sim, you can use a hotspot as you have 4G in there.

It’s a little bit more expensive than other places, but the prices are still relatively low compared to other seaside restaurants (they add 10% service to the bill).

You have direct sea access and can jump right to the water during your breaks.

Everyday Cafe

The internet connection at Everyday Cafe is fast and stable. They provide power sockets, and the interior is very cool.

It’s a bit more expensive than other places, but the prices are still relatively low compared to other seaside restaurants.

They have a lot of food and drink options. You can directly access the sea. Delicious milkshakes.

Direct sea access so you can jump into the water during your breaks.

Coffee Wheel

The internet connection at Coffee Wheel is fast, and they offer great coffee and cakes there. The prices are not the cheapest but lower compared to other seaside coffee shops.

You have a fantastic sea view, but they only have an inside area with tables. Hence you can’t access the sea directly from the coffee shop as in other seaside restaurants/coffee shops.

You can find power sockets inside.

The Vegan Lab

Vegan Lab is one of the only places serving solely vegan dishes in Dahab. They have an excellent internet connection and power sockets available.

The prices on the menu are very high (European standard). It’s on the lighthouse road and not next to the sea

How to get Around in Dahab?

Getting around in Dahab is very simple. Most of your destinations within Dahab will be within walking distance unless you live far away from the main street. If you prefer to avoid walking, you have alternatives. You can rent a bicycle or scooter or take a taxi (pickup truck or micro-buses) for a short ride within Dahab.

Where to Taxis in Dahab? (Pick-up Trucks)

Finding a pick-up taxi in Dahab is simple as many of them drive around, and they will honk at you to get your attention on the street. Drivers will also approach you at the beginning of the main roads. You should pay between 1-2 USD for a short ride within Dahab (most drivers will try to charge you more initially).

How to Rent a Bicycle in Dahab?

You’ll find a lot of places in Dahab renting bicycles in Dahab. Some of them are entirely dedicated bicycle rental stores, but there are also many Restaurants and Hotels renting bikes. Short-term rentals are more expensive than long-term rentals. If you only rent a bicycle for one day, you will pay most places around 5-10 USD per day. The places we visited charged around 40 USD per month for a decent bike.

We rented our bicycles from Ghazala Restaurant and we were satisfied with the price-performance ratio.

We’ve also seen cheaper places, but the bikes’ quality often seemed very poor. You can also find places with more expensive mountain bikes.

Be careful when you ride a bicycle on the streets in Dahab, as the traffic can be very dangerous. We also recommend you get a bicycle lock and lock your bike when you leave it on the public street. We’ve heard about cases from other travelers whose

We’ve also met fellow travelers who bought a bicycle when they arrived and sold it again when they left for the same price. That is the cheapest option but only recommended when you stay for a bit longer as it might take a bit to sell it again. We recommend you buy a used one as they are cheaper and easier to sell again for the same price. You can sell it, for example, in one of the Facebook groups of Dahab (and also find one there).

How to Rent a scooter in Dahab?

The same applies to a scooter as to a bicycle – the longer you rent it, the cheaper it gets. The places we’ve visited rented scooters between 20-45 USD per day (if only booked for one day) and 300 USD monthly.

Also, regarding security – be careful while driving, as drivers will not consider you. You also often have animals (especially cats, dogs, goats, and camels) crossing the street. We advise you to rent a bicycle instead, as you can reach all the places in Dahab (and the surroundings) well. It is safer, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.

You can find rental offices on the tourist streets, the lighthouse road, and close to the bus station. Some of them also offer motorcycles and quad bikes for rent. Many also rent quad bikes long-term, but the prices are pretty high.

How to Rent a car in Dahab?

There is a car rental office in Dahab, and you can also rent cars from the Airport in Sharm El Sheikh. We don’t recommend renting a car as it’s expensive and the traffic very dangerous if you aren’t used to it. Egypt has a good bus network, and renting a taxi is feasible. The cheapest one we could find was 90 USD per day (also for long-term)

Most of the rental places (bicycle, scooter and car) will take a copy of your passport or ID, so make sure you bring it with you.

Public transportation in Dahab

There is no public transportation within Dahab, as you might know from your home country. As mentioned before, you can reach most of the places by walking (by bicycle or taking a pick-up taxi ride). The closest thing to public transportation is the shared micro-buses. You’ll find them driving close to the main streets (same as the pick-up trucks). They will horn at you to get your attention). The prices should be lower than the pick-up taxis, and there will be locals in the microbuses traveling with you. We haven’t tried going by microbusesas we were walking most of the time.

Is there an international Community in Dahab?

There is already quite a big international community living in Dahab. The community includes people from all over the world who moved here either already years ago permanently or who just moved here recently temporarily.

There are also some frequent international get-togethers in Dahab. There is a pub quiz taking place in Coral Coast once a week on Wednesday at 8 pm.

Internationals are also frequently meeting up here for activities like freediving and running. There are many solo travelers here, so connecting with other people is easy.

What are the best facebook Groups for Dahab?

There is a good selection of Facebook groups for visitors and locals in Dahab. We recommend you join these groups before you go or while in Dahab. There are groups for all purposes (Rentals, Tours, Social Activities, and more). You can ask specific questions, find a lot of information, and connect with other travelers. Here are some examples:

Dahab digital nomads: Good to get to connect with other digital nomads and to ask questions
Dahab rentals: If you are looking for an accommodation you can post it to the groups and you’ll get some offers for sure.
Foreigners in Dahab: This group is good for getting to know other travelers and asking questions.

What are the best Restaurants in Dahab?

You can find many international and local kitchens in Dahab, from fried chicken to typical slow-cooked dishes. There are a lot of options for meat lovers as well as choices for vegetarian or vegan people. The selection for vegetarian and vegan is limited as it’s not very common in Egypt (even though it’s growing and growing due to the international community).

Many restaurants and coffee shops charge you around 10% – 20% extra for taxes and service, especially those near the sea. Some other places require a minimum consumption. Always look at the bottom of the menu to see how much extra will be for taxes and service. If there is nothing written, ask before you consume.

Some al blogs mentioned “fresh fish” in Dahab. The red sea in Dahab is a natural reserve, so it’s illegal to fish here in most places. If a restaurant got fresh fish, they either got it from the Mediterranean Sea (which would mean that it’s not really “fresh fish”) or through illegal fishing. We recommend avoiding the consumption of “fresh fish” in Dahab to preserve this beautiful and diverse marine life.

In the following part, we’ve listed restaurants we visited for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, how much we spent, and some advice to take into account. The ratings purely represent our opinion and experiences.

Where to have Breakfast in Dahab?

There are many great options in Dahab for local and international breakfast. You can have breakfast late here (until early afternoon), but the places usually get very crowded then. Hence we recommend you go early enough, especially on the weekend (before 11). We’ve listed below places we have visited which are specialized in breakfast:

Xat Delights

Xat Delights is a small bakery at the beginning of lighthouse road. They offer omelets, sandwiches, cakes, coffee, tea, and more.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Multiple
Level of Satisfaction: Satisfied

We recommend trying the mushroom omelet. We spent for breakfast around 9 USD in total for two people.

Ralph’s German Bakery

Ralph’s German Bakery is our favorite international bakery in Dahab. They have three branches there. Prices are a bit higher than in local places but still very fair. There are many types of bread, croissants, cakes, sandwiches, coffees, and more. We’ve spent around 18 USD for two in total.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Multiple
Level of Satisfaction: Very Satisfied

We recommend trying the cappuccino (plant-based milk available). Also, the banana chocolate cake is delicious. You better go there in the morning as the selection is still huge. If you come in the afternoon or evening, the best things are often gone.

Bayside Eatery

Due to the location close to the sea, the prices at Bayside Eatery are higher. They charged about 15% extra for the service when we were there. They offer a lot of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. We’ve spent around 30 USD for breakfast for two in total.

Portion size: Medium
Waiting time: Long
Extra charge: Yes
Number of visits: Twice
Satisfaction: Partially satisfied

The food was delicious, but the waiting time was long. The food was delicious, but the waiting time was long. As you have to order and pay at the counter, the 15% extra charge for service is too high.

The Breakfast Cafe Dahab

At the beginning of the lighthouse road, you can also find the Breakfast Cafe Dahab on the first floor. The prices are higher, but the high quality of the food justifies the price. They also offer many vegan and vegetarian options. We’ve spent around 25 USD for a large breakfast for two.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Long (on weekend when full)
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Twice
Satisfaction: Satisfied

They have the best kombucha we’ve had in Dahab. It’s self-made, and they have different flavors. The fresh juices are good, but you can get them much cheaper elsewhere. The food was delicious. Avoid going there on the weekend between 10-12 am as the waiting time is very long when they are crowded.

Yum Yum – يم يم

Our favorite local breakfast restaurant. It’s very cheap, and all the dishes are vegan. We usually spend around 5 USD for a large and delicious local breakfast for two.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied

We recommend trying falafel, moussaka, and shakshuka. You can choose many dishes as it’s very cheap. It’s usually very crowded. If you order cheese and tomato, you will not get it as you would expect it from home. Instead, you will get tomatoes mixed with feta cheese, dressing, and lemon juice. It’s a typical Egyptian dish similar to a dip.


Where to have Lunch & Dinner in Dahab?

Like breakfast, there are also many local and international options for lunch and dinner in Dahab. There are fewer vegetarian and vegan options than you might be used to from your hometown, but the selection is constantly growing. Most people eat dinner late in the evening in Dahab (after 8 pm). You can find most of the places empty if you go early. Here is a list of places we’ve visited with our recommendation:

Happy Hour Dahab

The restaurant Happy Hour Dahab is situated in Eel Garden directly at sea, and the owner is Italian. We’ve eaten our favorite pizza in Dahab there, and the prices are very fair, especially for the great location at sea. We’ve spent around 15 USD.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied

We recommend all pizzas, but we’ve especially enjoyed the quattro formaggi. If you come for lunch, remember to take your swimsuit as you can directly access the water from the restaurant.

Ghazala Restaurant

Ghazala Restaurant was our favorite restaurant to work from in Dahab. They have good international and local food options, and the staff is very friendly. The wifi isn’t the fastest, but you have excellent phone reception there, so you use a hotspot. We usually stayed there for quite a while and spent around 27 USD for two pizzas, snacks, and drinks.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Short
Extra charge: Yes (10%)
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied

We recommend the moussaka and the grilled vegetables. Also, the cakes and coffees are delicious. You can directly access the sea from the restaurant.


Namaste Indian Food

Namaste was our favorite Indian restaurant in Dahab. They also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. The prices are fair. We’ve spent around 20 USD for a large meal and drinks for two in total. If it’s packed, the waiting time can be quite long.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium-Long
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied

If you order spicy food, you should expect a very spicy meal. We recommend trying garlic naan, the vegetable jalfrezi, and the mushroom curry. The mango lassi was delicious as well. The portions look small at first glance, but you get full quickly.

Box Meal

Box Meal is an excellent option for vegetarians and vegans. The prices are fair, and they also serve beer. We’ve spent around 20 USD for two soups, spring rolls, the main dish, and water.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Medium-Long
Extra charge: No
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied

We recommend trying the vegan fried noodles and the spicy soup. You can go upstairs and enjoy your food on the rooftop.


Athanor Pizzeria

Athanor Pizzeria is located close to lighthouse road and is mostly well-attended. The prices are a bit higher than in other places, we’ve spent around 30 USD including dinner and drinks for two.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Fast
Extra charge: Yes (14%)
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied

We recommend trying the vegan fried noodles and the spicy soup. You can go upstairs and enjoy your food on the rooftop.

Red cat

We enjoyed the service in this restaurant as it was the fastest in Dahab. The selection is huge. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It wasn’t the best food we’ve had in Dahab, but it was still very delicious, so it’s worth a visit. The prices are slightly below average for this area. We’ve spent around 19 USD in total for two.

Portion size: Normal
Waiting time: Fast
Extra charge: Yes (14%)
Number of visits: Multiple
Satisfaction: Satisfied

If you like soups, you should visit that restaurant. We strongly recommend their lentil soup.

How is the Nightlife in Dahab?

Overall, the nightlife in Dahab is calm. The streets are bustling as most people go out to eat and sit in cafes later in the evening. Dahab is not a party town, though. There are no typical nightclubs here where people go dancing until sunrise. Some restaurants and smaller bars sell alcohol and sometimes turn up the music for people to dance (sometimes, there are karaoke nights). But you shouldn’t expect any big beach parties here. Public consumption (outside of the home and licensed bars and restaurants) of alcohol is prohibited.

There are sometimes raves organized near Dahab on empty beaches. Even though it’s often tolerated, these raves are mostly illegal, and drugs are often consumed there. That is strictly prohibited in Egypt and can have severe consequences. Be very careful when attending. We recommend not attending these events to avoid trouble.

The Furry Cup

The Furry Cup is a bar in Dahab located inside a hotel. A pool is outside the bar where you can sit, and you’ll find two rooms inside. There is currently every Saturday karaoke night at The Furry Cup. They serve beers (currently 70 EGP), local and international spirits, and soft drinks.

Blue Beach

The blue beach bar is located next to the sea. They have a modern bar inside and outside serving beer (currently 60 EGP), wine, spirits, and soft drinks. For the location the prices are very fair, it’s a nice bar the spend the evening next to the sea. 

Coral Coast

Coral Coast is a restaurant located in the north of Dahab, next to the Coral Coast Hotel at the seaside, serving beer (currently for 70 LE) and wine. There is a pub quiz taking place every Wednesday at 8 pm.

Where to Exchange money & card payment in Dahab?

You won’t find traditional exchange offices in Dahab as you might know it from other touristic places. Quite a few places (especially tour operators and dive shops) accept Euros and Dollars. Usually, you have to pay a little bit more in Euros or Dollars than when you pay with the local currency.

Where to exchange Money in Dahab?

Exchanging money is more challenging now than it used to be in Dabab. A while ago, you could exchange Euros and Dollars directly at ATMs. However, this option doesn’t work anymore (even though you can still select this option at the ATM). If you want to exchange money, we recommend only changing it at a bank office in Dahab, such as the International Bank of Egypt or Banque Du Caire.

There are a few bank offices in Dahab, which you can find on Google Maps, and you usually don’t have to pay any fees to exchange money. If you arrive at Sharm El Sheikh airport, you can also exchange money directly at the airport.

Where to find ATMs in Dahab?

There is a high frequency of ATMs inside and outside the center of Dahab from various banks. The amount you have to pay for withdrawal depends on your bank and can differ much, so we can’t give you numbers here. The maximum amount you can withdraw at once is 4000 EGP at most of the atm. Only some ATMs allow you to withdraw up to 8000 EGP or 12000 EGP.

We are meanwhile using the banking service of Revolut, and we are very happy with their service. Usually, we lose a lot of money when traveling and withdrawing money with the credit cards of our banks. We just started using the Metal card of Revolut before we came to Egypt, and now I’m withdrawing for free. The exchange rate used is always the updated official rate. I’m paying around 12 USD per month, but it’s worth considering how much I save when I withdraw money (and many other benefits come with this plan).

Note: Especially within the tourist streets, you’ll find a lot of ATMs from Crédit Agricole with Euronet logos on them. We recommend you avoid withdrawing money from these ATMs. They charge around 3 USD extra for withdrawing money. You’ll need to pay that on top every time you withdraw, in addition to the fees your bank will charge you. Unfortunately, most of the ATMs on the main tourist streets are from Euronet. They were the only providers we had to pay extra charges (hence, I strictly avoided them). Still, you can also find other providers (more frequently outside the main street).


Is it possible to pay by card in Dahab

Unfortunately, there are few places where you can pay by card in Dahab. Some supermarkets and some tour operators accept paying by card. Most Hotels also accept cards (but not in their restaurants). There are only very few restaurants and coffee shops accepting cards. Hence we recommend you always have cash with you. It depends on your bank if you have to pay (and the amount) a fee for paying by credit card.

Note: You should also pay attention when paying by card. Once, the cashier charged the amount two times in the supermarket via contactless payment. He claimed that the first payment didn’t work (even though the first payment worked). Try to pay with paypass and always keep an eye on your card. Also, be careful that your card doesn’t get copied.

Where to shop in Dahab

Dahab is full of small shops selling all kinds of products. You can buy many things here, but the selection is very similar in most shops. There are no shopping centers or international chains here. You also won’t find big traditional food markets (there are mostly just bazaars selling souvenirs) as you might know from other countries.

Are there supermarkets in Dahab?

In Dahab, there are no big supermarket chains. You’ll find small shops on every corner. The biggest supermarket in Dahab (which is still relatively small compared to what you might know) is Ghazala Supermarket and 1000 Items Supermarkets. Another unusual thing is that the products have almost no price labels. In both supermarkets we’ve mentioned, you can find scanners on a shelf to scan the product to see the prices. In other supermarkets, the price is written with a pencil on the product but mainly with Egyptian (eastern Arabic) numerals. Otherwise, you have to ask the employees to learn the product price. Generally, we recommend you learn Egyptian (eastern Arabic) numerals. It will help you in many situations.

The selection of products in the supermarkets is limited. You can find essential products such as milk, yogurt, pasta, rice, meat, eggs, and more in most of them. The eggs are often in

Where to buy clothes in Dahab?

You’ll find small shops selling clothes (mainly traditional clothes) everywhere in Dahab. Don’t expect large retail clothing stores such as Zara in Dahab. The prices are relatively low, but you should negotiate to get the price down.

Where to buy electronics in Dahab?

In Dahab, you can find multiple small electronics stores such as Compu Mob and Mezo Phone in Dahab. In Egypt, buying a new smartphone, laptop or tablet is more expensive than in Europe.

Where to buy cosmetics in Dahab?

Cosmetic products are often expensive, especially international brands. You can buy cosmetics and hygiene products in supermarkets and pharmacies. We recommend you bring your cosmetics or specialized skin products with you.

Where to buy female HYGIENE products in Dahab?

Regarding female products, here in Dahab, you can find almost all the commonly used products (especially menstrual pads) in Supermarkets and Pharmacies, except tampons and menstrual cups. These last two items are almost impossible to find in Egypt.

Where to buy alcohol in Dahab?

It’s easy to find alcohol in Dahab as many shops sell it in the center. You won’t find alcohol in regular supermarkets, but plenty of shops sell all kinds of alcohol. Local alcohol is relatively cheap. A bottle of beer (0.5l) costs around 1.5 USD. The wine starts from 5 USD per bottle, and spirits (Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Tequila, and more) from 4 USD per bottle.

Note: We don’t recommend buying the cheapest spirit as the quality seemed very low (we haven’t tried it, though). Most of the alcohol stores on the seafront are also a bit more expensive. Few restaurants sell alcohol because they need a special license. Some other restaurants that don’t sell alcohol allow you to bring your drinks (but make sure you ask before).

Where to buy snorkeling and diving equipment in Dahab?

You can find everywhere in Dahab shops selling diving and snorkeling equipment. Before buying something, it’s worth comparing the prices (as some shops might sell it for more). Also, make sure that you check the quality before buying it.

Where to buy bread in Dahab?

You can buy pita bread in supermarkets but there are a lot of traditional small bakeries selling fresh (pita) bread. Al Hana Bakery was our favorite conventional bakery, where you can buy it for 25 cents per package of 5 pitas. It tastes great and fresh. It’s often still warm. Suppose you are looking for fresh baguettes or whole-grain bread. We recommend that you visit Ralph’s German Bakery. They have 3 branches in Dahab. Also their cakes are delicious.

Where to buy fruits & vegetables in Dahab

The selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is limited in Dahab due to the desert climate. You can find amazing pomegranates, guavas, mangos and melons in Dahab. You can buy them in a fruit shop (we recommend the ones on asala square) or Ghazala Supermarket. They also sell fresh vegetables there.

What are the Best Organized Tours from Dahab?

When walking through Dahab you can find on almost every corner a tour operator. Almost all offer the same trips. We strongly recommend you to ask around at different offices and to compare the prices as the prices for the same tour might differ a lot depending on where you book it from. The cheapest operator we found when asking around was Nasaim Safari (but we haven’t done any trips with them). We’ve done just one organized tour to Sinai Mountain with the tour operator from the hotel Planet Safari Dahab as we preferred organizing the trips ourselves. We enjoyed the trip but we figured out afterwards that we paid 12 USD more per person than we would have paid at other agencies (but there were also quite a few who wanted to charge even more). You can also book some trips online through tripadvisor, viator and similar websites but it’s currently much more expensive there.

These are the main places you can make tours from:

Combined trip to Blue Hole, Abu Galoum and Blue Lagoon from Dahab

Costs: From 500 EGP + 200 EGP entrance fee for Blue Hole (around 35€)
Includes: Lunch, transportation, snorkeling gear and a guide
Duration: You’ll start in the morning and return in the afternoon

Three pools day trip from Dahab

Costs: 200 EGP
Includes: transportation and snorkeling gear
Duration: You’ll be brought there in the morning and return in the evening
Note: There are also options with quad bike and camela rides

Mount Sinai Sunrise trip from Dahab

Costs: 500 EGP  (around 25€)
Includes: transportation, the entrance fee for Saint Catherine’s Monastery and the guide
Duration: You’ll start in the evening from Dahab and arrive at the protectorate after one and a half hour by minibus. You’ll then hike up Mount Sinai and arrive for sunrise on top. On your way down you’ll visit Saint Catherine’s Monastery and arrive back in Dahab almost at noon. Here we wrote a full guide on all you need to know for your visit to Mount Sinai.

Glass Boat trip from Dahab

Costs: 200 EGP
Includes: Boat ticket (starting from Laguuna beach)
Duration: It will last one and an half hours

One day trip to Petra (Jordan) from Dahab

Costs: 250 USD
Includes: Transportation, a guide and the entrance fee to Petra.
Duration: You’ll start the trip at 3 am and return around 11 pm.

One day trip to Jerusalem from Dahab

Costs: 170 USD
Includes: Transportation, a guide and the entrance fees
Duration: You’ll leave around 8 pm from Dahab and return around 11pm the next day

Canyon trips from Dahab

Costs 450 EGP (around 23€)
Includes: transportation and lunch. You’ll visit the white canyon, colored canyon and hike there. You’ll have lunch at Ain Hodra. Duration: The trip starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon.

Traditional Bedouin Night near Dahab

Costs: 200 EGP (around 10€)
Includes: Transportation and a traditional evening with a fireshow, traditional music (instruments) close to Dahab.
Duration: You’ll start in the evening and return around midnight.

Diving and snorkeling trip

The price depends on the location. There are snorkeling and diving trips to multiple spectacular coral reefs around Dahab.

Best Self organized day trips from Dahab

To some of the places we’ve mentioned before you can also organize the trip yourself instead of going with a group and a tour guide. We much prefer it that way. It’s often not much cheaper (sometimes even more expensive, especially if you are alone) but it gives you the opportunity to discover the places yourself in your own rhythm. Taking as an example the combined trip to Blue Hole, Ras Abu Galoum and Blue Lagoon we truly think that it’s worth taking the time and discovering each of these places on a whole day and not rushing through everything in a one day trip. To this place you can organize a trip yourself:

Day Trip to Abu Galum Natural Reserve

Costs of the trip: Between 20-40 USD (transportation & entry fees)
What to take: Cash, passport copy, sunscreen, water, snacks, snorkeling gear

The natural reserve of Abu Galoum offers a breathtaking landscape in the north of Dahab combining mountains, desert and the sea. It’s a perfect place to hike where you can spend an unforgettable day. If you want to cool down you can jump to the water and discover beautiful coral reefs. But be careful as there are many speed boats traveling at high speed that can easily miss you while snorkeling. You can also hike to Ras Abu Galoum Village and camp for around 10 USD overnight in a hut and return on the next day.

How to get to Abu Galum Natural Reserve (self organized)?

To get to Abu Galum Natural Reserve, you first need to go to Blue Hole, as you’ll find the entrance to the national park there. You can take a pick-up taxi from Dahab to Blue Hole. We have paid around 9 USD for a return trip.

You must pay an entrance fee of 10 USD for Blue Hole and bring a copy of your passport. Alternatively, if you have a picture of it on your phone, they can take a copy of the image. You can make the copy on the way to Blue Hole (the pick-up taxi driver will know a place when you ask him) or do the copy at Blue Hole (the driver needs to bring it after you arrive back at the entrance checkpoint. You’ll need to pay around 1 USD for the copy. Suppose you want to continue to Blue Hole after passing the entrance checkpoint to get directly to the entrance of the natural reserve. In that case, you’ll need to pay 15 USD to go by car (in total and not per person). If you want to save that money, you could walk about 45 minutes from the entrance checkpoint to the entrance of the natural reserve.

Before entering the natural reserve, you’ll need to show your passport (or passport picture) to a police officer sitting there, who will write down your data. After that, you can enter and explore the beautiful natural reserve. It covers 400 sq km between Dahab and Nuweiba. If you want to hike to Ras Abu Galoum village, you must walk for around 2 hours (about 7 km).

To return, you can either arrange a meeting point or exchange Whatsapp with the pick-up driver who brought you to Blue Hole. Or you can go with another driver from Blue Hole as many drivers are waiting at the entrance. You’ll usually get a better price if you go and return with the same driver.

Day trip to Blue Hole

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: Between 20-35 USD (transportation & entry fees)
What to take: Cash, passport copy, sunscreen, water, snacks, snorkeling gear

Blue Hole in the north of Dahab is a world-famous location for diving. Especially on weekends, it can get very overcrowded. You can also rent snorkeling gear and buy snacks and water at Blue Hole. The depth of the whole is over 100 meters. As it’s quite expensive to visit we don’t recommend going only there for snorkeling. There are a lot of very beautiful snorkeling spots around Dahab, which you can see for free. We only recommend visiting Blue Hole if you combine it with a visit to Abu Galum Natural Reserve or if you go diving there.

How to get to Blue Hole (self organized)?

You can take a pick up taxi from Dahab to Blue Hole. Without negotiating a lot we have paid 9 USD for a return trip. We’ve heard from other travelers who have hassled more that the round trip for 7 USD

You need to make a copy of your passport as they ask for it at the security checkpoint of the entrance. There are some places offering that in Dahab and you can ask your driver to stop on the way (they usually know the places where you can do it). We didn’t have our passport with us so they took a copy of the picture of our passport from our phone at the copy shop in Blue Hole and the driver brought it back to the checkpoint at the entrance afterwards. They charged us 1 USD for the two copies.

Remember that the entry ticket costs 10 USD per person and that you have to pay an additional fee of 15 USD (in total and not per person) for entering Blue Hole with the pick-up taxi. All in cash. If you want to save the 15 USD, you can ask the driver to drop you at the entrance. You will need to walk around 3.5 kilometers (about 45 min). The path is next to the sea and very beautiful.

To return with the same driver, you can exchange your Whatsapp with him or take another pick-up car from there. Returning with the same driver is usually cheaper. But you might also easily find people who can share the return ride from Blue Hole, as they are all taking it from the same place.

Day trip to Laguna Beach

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: For free (by foot)
What to take: Sunscreen, hat, water, snacks, towel or a mat, water shoes, snorkeling equipment

Laguna Beach is a beautiful beach near Dahab with crystal blue water. Next to the sea, there is a small lagoon where you can relax and cool. It is also a trendy place for wind- and kitesurfers as it is usually very windy.

We strongly recommend you make a stop along the route where you can find one of the hidden gems for snorkeling, called the Island dive site. A beautiful large underwater reef with caves and countless marine life.

How to get to Laguna Beach (self organized)?

It’s a lovely 3.6 kilometers walk along the sea from the lighthouse. It will take you around 45 min to an hour (depending on your step) to get there. Follow the path next to the sea to the south, and you will get there. You can also rent a bicycle and ride to the lagoon. If you want to take a pick-up taxi, you’ll need to pay around 5 USD for a return trip.

Along the way, you will find abandoned constructions and small hotels. Keep in mind that there’s no shadow along this route, so we recommend you bring a hat, and if your skin is sensitive to the sun, you should try to cover it up with light clothes.

Even though it doesn’t seem like a long distance, the sun and the high temperatures could challenge your body. So ensure you always have enough water, nuts, or a snack to recover.

You can spend the whole day at the lagoon or go for a few hours. Just be aware that since there’s no shadow (unless you bring your umbrella).

Another essential thing to know is that there are neither restaurants, stores, nor toilets at Laguna Beach. Sometimes locals run around selling water and snacks but don’t rely on that.

The last place by the seashore path where you can buy water or sodas is the outside coffee of the Lagona Village.

We’ve also seen people camping at laguna beach overnight.

Day trip to 3 Pools

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: For free (by foot)
What to take: Cash, sunscreen, hat, water, snacks, small towel and snorkeling equipment

Three pools is a reef on the edge of the mountains, heavily visited by locals. Its impressive landscape is what’s really worth seeing. You can also find coral reefs but we believe that they are better in other places. Here you can spend the day snorkeling, doing horse and camel rides (we strongly recommend you to see beforehand if the animal has any wounds and how it’s treated by its owners) or even a quad bike ride.


How to get to 3 Pools (self organized)?

This option is for you if you can handle long walking distances and enjoy discovering the landscape on the road. It’s a 10.7 kilometers walking distance from the lighthouse, which would take around 2 hours and 30 minutes (longer with breaks). On our way to 3 Pools, we walked a little bit less because we decided to follow the path all along the sea, so we crossed two private beach hotels (as this was the only option to get through). We think this is usually not allowed, but the security guards didn’t tell us anything.

If you don’t want to be as extreme as us but still enjoy the landscape, you could get there by bike, which will take around 30-40 minutes. The easiest and most comfortable way is by pick-up taxi. It will charge you around 4 USD.

When you arrive, you could sit in the free place with your stuff or pay for food and drinks in one of the local restaurants there. Both ways, you will likely find it crowded, especially on weekends. There are better chances to have a nice shadow and comfortable spot directly at the water in one of the local restaurants. Always ask before entering or ordering if they charge extra for taxes and services. Most places there do that (and some have a minimum consumption). If you can not see anything written on the menu, ask. The bathrooms we’ve seen there could have been cleaner.

If you are crazy enough, you can also hike the way back (we did it, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you are not used to walking that much). One point in favor is that you could see a fantastic sunset on the way back and camels resting and walking along the stunning desert-sea route. But if you are tired, you could take a taxi back home (either go back with the same driver if you exchanged Whatsapp or take a new pick-up truck taxi at the entrance).

Hiking Day trip to the mountains behind Dahab

Location on Google Maps

Costs of the trip: For free
What to take: Water, snacks, sunscreen and hat

Mountains surround Dahab. You can easily spend a day hiking through the canyons and climbing hills. You’ll have a stunning view of Dahab and the sea. You can find one of the most popular hiking areas here, but there are plenty more just behind Dahab. You must bring enough water and protect yourself from the sun to avoid sun dehydration and sunstroke. Be careful when you climb up the mountains. It seems easy, but the stones you must hold on to are often very fragile. You also will only rarely have a signal with your phone. It would be best if you always hike with company and rather than alone.

How to get to the mountains (self organized)?

Depending on where you plan to go. It will take you around 30-45 minutes walking from the lighthouse to hiking areas outside of Dahab.

What to do in Dahab?

You will not get bored in Dahab as this place has a lot to offer for everyone. Most of the activities take place in the water.

Where to scuba dive in and around Dahab?

Countless diving centers are offering daily diving tours. When visiting Dahab, diving is a must. If you have your Advanced Open Water License and can go deep enough, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the unique Canyon and Blue Hole dive sites. The landscapes underwater and the marine life are just stunning. It’s worth comparing the prices as they often differ a lot. Most places charge for a single shore dive for 45 USD and two shore dives for 75 USD. The prices increase the farther a diving location is away. Visit different operators to compare prices, check their ratings, and ensure you know what’s included. Day trips to the famous Thistlegorm wreck near Sharm El Sheikh start from 170 USD for two dives. Do you want to get your Padi Open Water (beginner) license? You can make it in Dahab for 270 USD and the Advanced Open Water license for 200 USD (including everything). We made the license at Scuba Zone Dahab and were satisfied.

Scuba diver in the open water of Blue Hole Dahab

Scuba Diving in and around Dahab

Countless diving centers are offering daily diving tours. When visiting Dahab, diving is a must. If you have your Advanced Open Water License and can go deep enough, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the unique Canyon and Blue Hole dive sites. The landscapes underwater and the marine life are just stunning. It’s worth comparing the prices as they often differ a lot. Most places charge for a single shore dive for 45 USD and two shore dives for 75 USD. The prices increase the farther a diving location is away. Visit different operators to compare prices, check their ratings, and ensure you know what’s included. Day trips to the famous Thistlegorm wreck near Sharm El Sheikh start from 170 USD for two dives.

Do you want to get your Padi Open Water (beginner) license? You can make it in Dahab for 270 USD and the Advanced Open Water license for 200 USD (including everything). We made the license at Scuba Zone Dahab and were satisfied.

Two scuba divers with flashlights in the bottom of canyon dive side
Freediver diving up in Blue Hole Dahab


Freediving is very popular in Dahab. There are many popular locations and beginner and advanced courses. The SSI Level 1 – Beginner Free Diver course starts from 255 USD and lasts two days. A popular dive shop offering that course is Freedive international. You can also do advanced courses and individual training sessions.

Two Freediver diving up in Blue Hole Dahab
Underwater picture of the coral reef at Blue Hole in Dahab


Dahab is surrounded by stunning coral reefs, which you can discover partially just by yourself. Even inside the town, you can find the beautiful lighthouse reef. One of our favorite places for snorkeling is Islands Dive Side which you can reach by walking for 30 minutes. Be careful when entering the water as there are huge sea urchins. You can avoid stepping on them by swimming and not walking, which we strongly recommend, so you prevent damaging corals). Also, avoid walking through areas with high seaweed as there are sometimes moraine fishes hiding, which can be very dangerous if they bite you.

Nemo hiding under water in a coral in Blue Hole
Kitesurfer surfing in Laguna Beach Dahab


 Dahab is one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations. You’ll see a lot of them due to the excellent wind conditions. It’s pretty expensive if you are starting with it. A 6 hours beginner course costs 600 USD. One-hour discovery courses start from 50 USD. If you are an experienced kite surfer, you can rent the equipment for 70 USD per day.

View on the sea with Kitesurfers in the background

You can find a few restaurants with table tennis and billiard tables in Dahab. For example, in the coffee shop Nubian House. They also sometimes have traditional live music. There is also a huge selection of table games (including air hockey) at the seafront coffee of Dahab Beach lodge

View from the mountains on a hike near Dahab

Hiking near Dahab

As mentioned in our day trip section, mountains and canyons surround Dahab, which you can discover by yourself by hiking. Be careful when climbing hills, as the stones are often fragile. Make sure that you take enough water and protect yourself from the sun. Very budget friendly as you can do it for free close to Dahab.

View from the mountains near Dahab on the sea

Rock climbing is a very popular activity in Dahab. The best season for it is October to April, when the heat isn’t too extreme. You can find sport climbing, bouldering, and trad climbing in and around Dahab. Many places offer courses starting from 30 USD for half a day and 50 USD for the whole day. Desert Divers Dahab is a popular provider. You can book it online with them.


There are small gyms such as Sharkfit Gym Dahab (with Seaview on the rooftop), Hammer Gym or Planet Gym. Shape Shifters offers fitness classes like Adults MMA, Yoga, and more. They usually publish their programs on their Facebook page. They charge 32 USD for a 1-month membership with which you can attend most of their fitness classes.

Yoga in Dahab

Yoga is trendy in Dahab. For example, you can take yoga classes (Anusara and Yin Yoga) at Shape Shifters. They charge 50 USD for a package of 8 courses.

Best Doctors in Dahab?

There are a few GP (General Practitioner) in Dahab, but you will find few specialised doctors. We strongly recommend visiting Dr. Heikal Medical Centre in Dahab Clinic if you need medical care. A visit currently costs 100 EGP. They are open from 9:30 -12:00 & 17:00-21:00 but closed on Fridays. You can go without an appointment, but the waiting list might already be longer, so you might have to wait a little. But try to arrive early, because the list for that day might already be complete on some days. 

Culture and respect in Dahab

Within Dahab, you don’t need to cover up. You can dress the same way you would in your hometown (male and female). But when you travel outside Dahab, we recommend you dress more conservatively. The level will depend on which area you are planning to visit. As a couple, we have not experienced any uncomfortable situations. Still, as a woman walking alone (dressed in short clothes), you can receive some uncomfortable looks and unnecessary comments.

Always remove your shoes before sitting on a carpet or rug in a restaurant or coffee.

Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking in public during the daytime in the holy month of Ramadan.

If you want to follow a more conservative dress code, you should try to cover your chest, elbows, and toes. But as mentioned before, this is optional within Dahab.

You can find a lot of street dogs and cats in Dahab. The locals are mostly animal friendly and often provide food and water for them. We were positively surprised about the good treatment (with exceptions) of street animals in Dahab. They are also very pet friendly, so if you bring your dog, you can take him to most restaurants, coffee shops, and beaches.

As you’ve read before, the red sea is one of the wonders of marine life. It is so unique that 10% of it you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. We encourage you to be careful while swimming, diving, snorkeling, or walking in the water. You can sadly already find some parts of the reef dead or see that it’s starting to die.

Please watch every step you make in the sea when you are walking to avoid stepping into corals (and sea urchins or other unpleasant things). Also, please do not touch any corals, as this can cause serious damage to them. If you see someone doing this, please spread the word.

If you find some plastic floating on the sea and you can take it out, please do it. You don’t have to clean the whole beach to act well for the environment. Remember that small actions can already make a difference and inspire others.

What are Common Scams in Dahab?

Overall, Dahab is a safe and budget-friendly destination. But as in most tourist destinations, you must be careful of scams that might be costly. In restaurants and coffee at the seaside, they often overcharge. Make sure that you check the prices before you pay. There is also often a service fee and taxes hidden with tiny letters on the menu.

If you buy anything (clothes, souvenirs, tours, diving courses), make sure that you compare prices, as some places overcharge a lot. You almost always need to negotiate to get a reasonable price.

We strongly recommend you to learn the Egyptian (east arabic) numerals. The supermarkets don’t have price tags but you can often find the price written with Egyption numerals on the products. This helps a lot as you might get overcharged in some supermarkets.

Watch out when you pay by card as they sometimes charge higher prices.

Conclusion about Dahab

The price-performance ratio in Dahab is simply unbeatable. The golden rule is to book as close to the source as possible to avoid high commissions and to compare prices because they often differ significantly for the same offer. However, healthy skepticism is still essential. If an offer seems too good to be true, it usually has a catch. Please avoid arguing for every EGP/USD, and consider whether it is worth discussing for a few cents. An amount that may not mean anything at all to you can be of great help to some people here. Don’t try to get everything as cheap as possible, but at a fair price. Unfortunately, many people are in a terrible economic situation here, and every cent helps.

Please try to contribute to the reduction of plastic. Plastic bags are still used for every little purchase. A plastic bag is given in most shops, even for a single water bottle. Please deny them when offered and take reusable bags with you when shopping. Please also treat the unique marine life respectfully and avoid stepping on and touchin corrals.

As already mentioned, Dahab is less conservative than many of you might think. However, coming here with an open mind and being friendly toward the people is essential. Even though it is often tedious when you are approached for the tenth time for something, keep your patience and smile. People are just trying to survive. In Dahab, there are very few pushy touts.

Things like bus schedules and prices change very fast in Egypt. The information we put here is very recent but it’s always good to verify it before and double-check if it hasn’t changed.

We have never regretted the decision to go to Dahab. On the contrary, we enjoyed the place incredibly. The breathtaking underwater world, the beautiful landscape, the weather, and the friendly people were our highlights. We only left Dahab with a very heavy heart. We can only warmly recommend this to anyone considering moving (temporarily) to Dahab. However, it is good to prepare a little bit. We hope our guide has helped you to do so and that it makes your life in Dahab easier so you can have an excellent Work Voyage Balance there.

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